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Peploe was a Scottish colourist who studied at the Edinburgh college of Art. To study art more in depth he moved to Paris, France to complete his training. On his return to Edinburgh he decided to create an art studio of his own for other future hopeful artists to study in. He enjoyed working with art studios and decided to develop young artists skills by changing the location of his studio every five years or so.

During his time in France he was greatly influenced by many French painters such as C�zanne, Manet and the cubists. Peploe admired their use of impressionism within their work. For example their use of dark tone and limited variations of colour but also their strong fluent brushwork influenced his early work. Many of these techniques can be seen in Peploe’s Still Life images, these great artists noticeably influenced his use of dark lines outlining objects within many of his paintings.

Peploe’s style seemed to bring still life back to popularity once again with Scottish painters. By renewing an importance on the quality of colour and paint handling rather than the actual subject, Peploe revived Scottish painters will to paint still life in a far different perspective. In most of his still life paintings Peploe brought them to life with his uncanny knowledge for use of brilliant colours with confidence and precision and this makes his paintings really stand out from most other paintings that are similar. This was noticed in most French and Scottish art exhibitions.

Peploe is now known as one of the great “Scottish Colourists” which is a group of painters of the highest level. However none of them associated with one another during the time they were seen as a group. Their styles and techniques they used were their only connection, similar artists to one another influenced them and French painters also influenced them. Their connection was so noticeable that all of their work is set in a group at several exhibitions in France and Scotland.

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Many of S.J Peploe’s paintings were usually painted with a large, thick brush, using broad brush strokes of creamy colour that was usually straight from the paint pot, no mixing was involved hardly ever in his paintings between other colours at least. He also often used a dark outline to make his objects look more solid and so that the main picture catches the eye.

An Example of the many styles and techniques Peploe used was present in his still life. This painting shows a geometric perspective of a mug and a bottle sitting on top of a white, clean tablecloth. There is also a fruit bowl with pieces of fruit also scattered around the tablecloth and a small cup on the left hand corner of the painting. This was a typical painting by Peploe because it had everything that he enjoyed within his independent style and you can also see points of influence from other painters work. For example the various geometric shapes come from the master C�zanne and reflects the cubists line of art work, making more detailed shapes into simple geometric shapes and not very complicated at all. The creamy broad strokes are also visible in this painting because the texture looks very thick and roughly stroked on. Each object also has a dark blue outline to let them stand out from the dark highlighted background; it makes the geometric shape look solid almost. There seems to be no mixing in colours present in this painting, he just uses bright appealing colours straight from the paint pot. For the details on the objects he kind of uses a Scribble technique to make the texture more rough, straight or vertical lines are present within the lining of the object. He mostly uses warm colours when painting the centre piece still life, however to make this stand out better he adds a deep, dark colour to the background (navy) to make the still life stand out more. He also makes the geometric painting seem more Dimensional by making the colours he uses thick and creamy so it adds layer to the actual painting.

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