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Inherit the Wind Essay

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William Jennings Brian was an American political leader, editor, and lecturer who was born in 1860. In 181, he served as a member of the U.S House of Representatives from Nebraska for four years. While he was a member, he was also a leader of the movement for the unlimited coinage of silver. In 186, he gave a speech known as the “cross of gold” at a national convention. He was then nominated for presidency, but was defeated by William McKinley. Brian was also the founder of the “Commoner”, which was an influential weekly paper. In 11, he was the secretary of state, who negotiated 0 treaties with foreign countries. He then resigned in 115, and was known as a national figure. In 15, he was a prosecutor in the trial of a schoolteacher, John Thomas Scopes, who taught evolution to children, which broke the state law that prohibited the teaching of things that are contrary to the bible. Scopes was found guilty and was fined $100. During this case, Brian was humiliated in front of everyone showing his ignorance of scientific discoveries. He then suddenly died 5 days after the trial.

Clarence Darrow, born in 1875, was an American lawyer. In one case, he defended John Scopes, who taught the theory of evolution to his students. Most of Darrow’s life, he practice law in Chicago. The case that made him famous was when he was the defense attorney for the American Railway Union case of Eugene V. Debs. No client Darrow had defended was sentenced to death, which is an incredible accomplishment.

H.L. Mencken, born in 1880, was one of the most influential critics and journalists of his time. In 18, he was a journalist with the “Baltimore Morning Herald”, but in 106, he moved to be a journalist with the “Baltimore Sun”. As his life went on, he published many books with essays and reviews criticizing various things.

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In the previous essay, we have researched on William Jennings Brian, Clarence Darrow, and H.L. Mencken. This essay will show the connection with these men and INHERIT THE WIND.

William Jennings Brian can connect to Matthew Harrison Brady. They were both orators, they both ran for presidency and lost, and both were prosecutors of a trial that had to do with a schoolteacher who broke the state law by teaching the theory of evolution to the students. As the prosecutor, they were both cross examined by the attorney who defended the person who defied the state law. They were both humiliated and defense revealed both their ignorance of scientific theory. Similarly, they both died suddenly a short time after the trial was concluded.

Clarence Darrow can connect to Henry Drummond. They both fought the freedom of thought and were both best known for their defense of a similar trial. They defended schoolteachers charged by the state with teaching the theory of evolution. They both cross examined the prosecutor and humiliated them causing both of them to die a short while after the trial. Both of their clients were found guilty and had to pay a small fine.

H.L. Mencken can connect to E.K. Hornbeck. Well, for one thing, both of their first names have initials. They were both journalists for the “Baltimore Herald”, and both were critics.

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