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Growing up we each encounter trial and error situations. Those who rise above the mistakes become the most successful in life. Others tend to deal with their faults and create no attempt to change it. Doing the right thing is not always an easy task, but imagine life without temptation and sin. Would everyone truly be happy?

Picture an existence without an once of work and everything being handed to us on a silver platter. Living a life such as this would be plain and dreary. A life lacking temptation and sin would be an eternity without excitement. Even though it may seem that our life is a never-ending circle, a utopian environment may not truly be all that blissful. The whole point of growing up is to conquer obstacles that seem impossible, not to have an easy path with parents providing a solution to every need that may occur.

At times we all tend to be lazy but that is just human nature. Deep down in each of us, we all have that drive to be the best. If we were to have a perfect life with no drawbacks, that drive would be left unsatisfied. Everything we do is a competition such as sports, a position in the workplace and also valedictorian in a high school graduation. Therefore if each of us were equal in everything, such as would happen in a utopia. The world would consist of chaos.

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Maybe what we need is not a perfect life but a more loving surrounding. Present day to some seems as a hell when judged against the past. The past had less crime, parents did not have to worry about their children going out, such as nowadays. There were more family activities and each family always ate dinner together; now such a thing is unheard of. Television and music is outrageous now, verses the mellow themes of the past. Parents need to supervise their children with every move they take to ensure the well being of their child. Society needs to take a step back to watch the example they are setting for their future generation of adults.

Having the knowledge to fix something is nothing, but having the ability to do something about it is everything. As a whole we need to each come together to make the world more livable and lively. Let us all stop complaining about how harsh life can be and how about we find the good in it. Together we can make changes to a better life even though it may take a little time. It may be hard but to turn these errors in our trials into something good but with teamwork it is possible, and possibly we will encounter true happiness.

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