Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Setting Coincidences

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The one movie that uses the most setting coincidences in the plot is “Sleepless in Seattle”. Throughout the whole story the setting and timing is vitally important to the conclusion of the movie. The movie is centered around a man and a woman meeting on the Empire State building on Valentines Day. These two events made the movie as romantic as it could possibly be. Then, when the couple did indeed meet at the right place and the right time they fell in love and lived happily ever after. The whole entire movie centered on the setting.

If this movie did not have the setting and the time of the year it would not have been half as romantic. If these two people would not have made it up the stairs and to the top they would not have fallen in love. The time and place was so important that it determined the fate of two characters that could possibly be in love. The whole plot revolved around when and where. The characters were lonely on Valentines Day and found comfort in a place that they had always watched and dreamed of receiving. This movie is a perfect example of the setting of a movie can amplify the plot and romance. Just as a girl would not want to hear a story about someone getting engaged at Wal Mart compared to The Empire State Building, audiences do not want to see someone get engaged and it not be fantastical. Engagement is a very important thing in many girls lives. It is what they dream of and hope for, so therefore it has to be amazing and lifechanging.

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