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In the story, “In Another Country”, by Ernest Hemingway, throughout the story he is constantly comparing life to an iceberg under water saying that life is not always the way you see it. One example of how Hemingway compares life to an iceberg is, “There was a time when none of us believed in the machines, and one day the major said it was all nonsense”. The major and his crew never believed in machines to help him and his soldiers but now he is realizing and believing that the machines help people. Another example of how Hemingway compares life to an iceberg is, “He had lived a very long time with death and was a little detached. We were all a little detached, and there was nothing that held us together except that we met every afternoon at the hospital”. This shows that the major had gone through life basically knowing that if he had gotten injured there would be probably no chance of surviving because they did not believing machines and the only thing that held him and his crew together was meeting at the hospital everyday. In conclusion Hemingway compares a iceberg which is under the water, and you only can see whats above the water to the way people see life.Medieval German Trade Towns

During Medieval times, trade was an immense part of almost everyones daily lives in Germanic civilizations; Hamburg and Lubeck were the two major trade towns in Medieval Germany and are still major trade towns today. While most countries and costal towns were along the Mediterranean Sea, some of the busiest costal trade towns were in countries along the Baltic Sea. Germany was one of these countries. The two towns were vital to the culture and development of Germany and were also importaint to people who lived there.

Lubeck was a major trade town in Medieval Germany and played an essential role in Germany’s culture. Count Adolf II Holstein first founded it in 114. The town was erected on the site of early Slavic settlements. The Duke of Saxony, Henry the Lion, refounded Lubeck c. 1158. In 16, the final privaleges of a free imperial city were secured. Lubeck was head of the Hanseatic League and was the leading Medieval German trade center for the Baltic region (Matthewson, 5DC).

Hamburg was also a big part of trade on the Baltic Sea. The town of Hamburg served as a missionary center for Northern Europe. In 141 and 14 Hamburg signed treaties with Lubeck, which led to the formation of the Hanseatic League. However, in 1, the town split from the league and became independant. Even now, Hamburg is one of Europe’s major ports. Some of their exports include chemicals, food products, industrial equipment. Hamburg has an extensive harbor and dock installations (Hamilton, 54DC).

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The Hanseatic League was a great orginization in the medieval era. Although they only


reigned with Lubeck and Hamburg for about fifty years, they still strongly controlled Baltic trade while they were together. In the eleventh century, trade was almost entirely controlled by Scandinavians in the Baltic region. By the twelfth century, Germans dominated Baltic trade partly because the Scandinavians were also part-time peasants. German traders had well developed towns with a full time merchant population. German merchant guilds formed league associations with guilds from other cities. By 14, peace between Lubeck and Hamburg led to the formation of the Hanseatic League. Lubeck was the head of this association (Franklin, 5-547b).

Trade towns in Germany were very importaint to all people living in the Holy Roman Empire. Not only did German trade towns dominate Baltic Sea trade in the 100’s, but also treaties between Lubeck and Hamburg led to the formation of the Hanseatic league, a group of merchant guilds in Germany. German traders also were selling goods in Keiv and Novgorod which were the two largest trade towns would not have started to evolve and develop from towns with merchants who were also part time peasants to a constant merchant population. These two medieval trade towns are still very big exporters and are very importaint to countries around the world especially those along the Baltic Sea.

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