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ghosts of vermont

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It was about a century ago when Kendra White was born in Kitchen, Ontario, in Memorial Hospital on June 17, 10. A few days after she was born her mother Trina, and her father Fred, moved to Deer Lake Newfoundland. They lived in a small white house with taupe trimings and they had an enormous swimming pool in their back yard.

As the days passed by, Kendra became a young teenager. She began to have a lot of interests in sports. She liked to swim, play volleyball and tennis, but most of all she loved to play basketball. In junior high and high school she participated in all the activities and played on the girls basketball team. Since Kendra was such a good player she was asked to go Pro at age sixteen.

Everyday around three oclock she would stay after school and practice her shooting skills by herself on the court, which was about 1x1, and the basket was a wire rim nailed on to a wooden post. Kendra was so excited about going to Hailfax, she played her heart out at every practice.

She graduated with honours at Elwood High School in Deer Lake, and then flew to Halifax the following week to play ball.

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She was nervous a first, going to a new place and all and after seeing the gym she became more nervous but still excited to play on a court that was twice the size of the one she was used to. It had a high marble look fibre glass backboard that was joined to a steel pole with a mesh net that was attached to a metal rim. She stood in center court in amazement imagining what the crowds reaction would be when her name would be called to step on to the court. After a month she fitted in pretty well with everyone.

Her team played a lot of games and won the Gold metal in every tournament and championship.

At the age of twenty one she broke her leg at Provincials in Stephenville Newfoundland. She was immediately rushed to the hospital. After the surgery was completed the doctor said she had to take a break from basketball for awhile. Kendra did not like the idea but she knew she had to do it.

It took quite awhile for Kendra to recover and as she was recovering her mind began to think two different things. She wanted to keep playing ball, but she also wanted to do something else with her life. Kendra thought it over various times and decided she wanted to go to Dal Housie University in Halifax and study to be a lawyer. She talked it over with her family and they told her she had their support.

After a long pack and a long flight she finally arrived in Halifax. Greetng her at the airport was her friend Sarah. Sarah went to school in Halifax for about three years, studying to be a Pediatrician. Sarah helped Kendra move in to her apartment and get settled away.

After seven years of hard work Kendra finally got the job of being a lawyer. Before she was finished studying she had a lot of planning to do for the biggest day of her life. She was getting married to her high school sweetheart, Kevin Guy. After three years of marriage and being a lawyer Kendra had a baby girl named Taylor. A year later she had a baby boy and named him Jamie. Kendra loved children and travelling, so they took a trip to Austrilia. They enjoyed their stay and returned home a week later.

As Taylor and Jamie grew older, they moved out and went their own seperate ways. Taylor moved to Florida, and Jamie moved to Edmonton Alberta. It was hard for Kendra and Fred but they knew their children would reach this point sometime or another.

Kendra reached the age of fourty-five and retired from being a lawyer. She spent days at home with her husband, reading novels and enjoying outdoor activities. One day while Kendra was working in her garden the telephone rang. It was Sarah Keats her friend from high school. She told Kendra she was visiting Deer Lake and wanted to meet her at the airport. When she arrived, Sarah was holding two airline tickets, along with two World Series tickets between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees. Kendra was so excited she called her husband and told him to pack her suitcase and bring it to her at the airport because the plane was leaving in 15 minutes.

When Kendra and Sarah arrived in Toronto, they took a taxi to the hotel to check in, and have a light supper before the big game. To their surprise they found out that the Blue Jay Stadium was only a short walk from their hotel.

When they approached the stadium entrance they were astonished by the enormous crowd and the gravel field that had sandbags for the bases and there was a bran new score board in the outfield.

It was the bottom of the ninth, full court, nobody on the bases, two outs, and Babe Ruth steps up to the plate and out of nowhere Kendra yells in excitement, Go Babe Go! with a swing of the bat, the ball goes, sailing- sailing over the wall and its a home run! The Yankees have won the game!

Kendra and Sarah went back to the hotel to get their rest for returning home the following day.

Kendra told her husband she had a great time and Fred wanted to surprise his wife so he told her he wanted to take a road trip to Alberta to see Jamie. By this time Kendra was exhausted but she was known as an out-going, and an active person so they left Deer Lake and headed towards Alberta.

After a three day trip, they finally reached Edmonton. To their surprise Jamie had a child named Morgan. Kendra and Fred knew nothing about this but was overwhelmed. They sat down and chatted for hours, and went on some family outings. They stayed for longer then they expected, so they decided to go home the next day.

About three weeks later, Kendra talked about going to Disneyland, but she started to have pains in her body so they never got a chance to go. The pains never seemed to go away so fred brought Kendra to the hospital. She was given a lot of treatment, and went through several tests for six months but the doctors could not see anything. A year later Kendra recovered, and found out Taylor was coming home for Christmas. She was very happy to see her when she arrived. Taylor could only stay for a week so Christmas morning she gave her mother a ticket to Florida, and see Disneyland. This is the best Christmas gift anyone has ever given me, Kendra said. The following week, Taylor and her mother were on their way to Disneyland.

When they arrived they went on every ride in the park and later that evening they went to the bar for a couple of drinks. Kendra was having the best time of her life, and thanked Taylor for everything.

She returned home two weeks later and told Fred all about the trip. That night when Kendra went to bed, the pains started coming back. She did not go to the doctor this time because they could not find out what happened to her before so she thought it would be a waste of time.

The following week the pains were still strong and Kendra could not cope with it anymore, so she got the nerve to go back to the hospital. She found out she had cancer. Kendra always believed in God and Scientists, and she hoped that there would be a cure for cancer some day. After much treatment and Kemo Kendra finally got the chance to go home.

At the age of she began to feel really sick. Her family and friends were worried but knew she would pull through.

It was now June 17, 00. Kendra was 100 years old. Friends and family gathered around her at her house and talk and laughed together as it were Kendras last birthday. Everyone enjoyed their time being with her.

Two weeks later Kendra had passed away. Taylor and Jamie flew in for the funeral and stayed with their father for a month or so afterwards. There was a lot of grieving from family and friends for Kendra White and even though she was old and lived a terrific life, she will never be forgotten and will remain in our hearts forever as an active, out-going teenager, loveable caring mother, and extrordinary wife and a wonderful friend.


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