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human resources

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Human Resources

Human resource planning

When it is required getting the correct people, using them well and taking advantage of what they have to offer the business and developing them in order to reach the needs and goals of an organisation, human resource planning is concerned.

It is necessary to identify the means of using people in the most effective way and to identify any problems that are likely to occur and the coming up with the best solutions to be problems identified in order to successfully meets the organisations aims and goals.

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For example, if Boots were to consider opening another store in a different region of the country, the following would have to be identified by them

· The skills and competences it will need the new employees and recruitments to have.

· How many people that have these capabilities will be able to be recruited by Boots.

· Ways of training and developing staff to meets with the company’s skill requirements in order for them to be able to reach the company’s goals.

Training and development

In order for Boots to become highly successful and attempt to annihilate any potentials threat from rival companies, they must continue to train and develop their staff. Statistics and information on employees must be collected within the organisation. This will cover the following main areas

· The number of employees in particular job categories – This figure will give a broad overview of the amount of staff in the company that already has a certain amount of skills and different categories of skills that they have. For example, skills within Boots might include staff that are capable to work on the tills, pharmacists who have the knowledgeable ability of medicines and so on. Or it could identify those workers who already have experience of working in placements that involve the use of similar skills.

· The skills available – to identify the current skills held by the labour force and to see how many of these are transferable will be helpful in the company. For example, a skill that was once used by an employee in a previous job might prove to be useful in their current job at Boots. If this is the case, the company will be able to benefit in a financial manner as they will not require training these staff who already who skills that are necessary and useful.

· Skill Analysis – An organisation needs to be certain that it has the right number of people available at the right time, but they also must have the right skills. The case of absences will come into play here. If one member of staff is absent, then the company will have another member of staff available to cover with the right skills needed. This will avoid possible losses in the company and work schedule will be able to continue without getting too heavy. Therefore, organisations need to assess their present supply of skills across their workforces and to identify the sorts of skills they will require in the future.

An inventory of current employees will indicate those who have received recent training and those who will require training. It will be possible to meet the human resources requirements of an organisation by training and developing current staff rather than recruiting more staff from the outside. This will eventually prove to be a cheaper method, as it will cut the costs of having to pay extra staff and it will also help motivate current staff and build up more of a team structure so everyone will help each other and help the company be more successful.

· Performance results – Boots will want to gather information about the level or performance of various categories of current employees. This sort of information may be collected by gathering figures such as amount of items produced of an acceptable quality, number of products returned to the store due to poor quality.

· Promotion potential – the possibility of internal promotions will change the availability of existing resources. It is useful to the organisation to know how many employees have the skills and knowledge for promotion to more demanding roles. These roles may include more responsibilities as staff now days like to feel they have responsibilities to cover in the organisation. This makes them feel more important and it is a great way of motivation. In addition, it is also important and useful to know how many employees have the potential, with the right skills and suitable training for promotion. By promoting internally, this also executes the possibility of outsiders coming into the firm and taking up job positions if current employees already have the skills and potential to move up higher in the firm and take on more difficult roles.

· Age distribution and length of service – this gives Boots the opportunity to look at people who work for them. They can analyse the age group that staff fit into and what problems the age of staff could be causing the company, or what possible future problems can be caused by their age. If staff are getting to an age where they have the opportunity to retire, the company will be left with inexperienced workers. So it is essential for the company to train staff up to take over staff that are considering retirement. This will avoid investing on further training programmes, and if staff can learn and gain experience from the more advanced staff, the company will benefit financially. On the other hand, if Boots find that they have too many young people working for them, there is always the threat of them wanting to leave the firm and work elsewhere. It is possible that in the future, promotion prospects are blocked in the organisation because people are leaving. Therefore, it is essential for the company to have staff that are dedicated to the company, and a mixture of all ages within the company.

· Staff turnover – This is something that should be analysed in order to help Boots forecast future losses and to identify why people are leaving the organisation. A certain amount of staff turnover may be advantageous to the organisation as fresh and new staff can be drafted in, promotion channels may be opened up and it may allow for natural wastage when the company is trying to reduce its workforce. This means that good staff with the right skills may leave and it will be a big loss to the company. A high level of staff turnover will mean that there will be high additional costs of staff replacement and recruitment, additional training costs, and disruption to the quality of service and production.

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