Thursday, May 26, 2011

My long hard drive

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My husband works as a commercial architect for a busy company. Long hours and late nights are the norm for him, but we always found time for sex. That is, until the city decided to put in a new convention center, and hired Erics company for the job. His usual long hours now doubled, and our time together dwindled. After a week of not seeing him, and an even longer time of not having sex, I decided to surprise him at the office and remind him of the treasure that still waited for him at home.

That morning I dressed in a black leather bustier, black silk stockings, and a black garter belt. When I thought of Erics lusty expression when hed see me strutting around his office barely dressed, the blood rushed straight to my clit.

Needless to say, I was ready for a fuck when I walked out to the curb. Each step I took caused the bud between my legs to grow harder and distended. If that wasnt enough, when I raised my hand to hail a cab, the wool material scratched against my nipples, making them pucker with the anticipation of being sucked.

By the time the cab stopped in front of me, my juices coated the inside of my thighs. I couldnt make it much longer. Thankfully, the ride to Erics office took only twenty minutes. I kept telling myself I could last that long, to quit thinking about fucking and to focus on something else. Like the driver.

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He was a young guy in his late twenties with a light dusting of golden stubble along his strong, square jaw. In fact, he was absolutely gorgeous -- with a broad chest, and strong arms with straps of muscles rolling the length of his biceps. I eyed his wide hands that cradled the steering wheel as he pulled into the flow of traffic, and wondered if his dick was wide, too.

So much for focusing on something else, I thought. My mind raced with fantasies of beautiful women snuggling beneath this stud, as he rode them hard. Between my horny thoughts and the bumpy road, I was on the verge of having an orgasm right there!

I needed a little relief before I saw Eric, or Id be stripping off my clothes in the lobby. But then again - the thought of being watched by other people only made me hornier.

Okay, I had to do something about my throbbing pussy or Id scream.

Ever so slightly, I scooted back and forth on the seat, feeling the rough fabric of my coat against my ass cheeks. I parted my legs just enough so that the seam of my wool coat scratched against my clit. I closed my eyes and imagined Eric kissing my hard bud, and rubbing his bristly chin against my frantic pussy lips.

I was sitting in the center of the cabs backseat with my legs tightly bound wide open. The hot young driver never took his eyes off me.

Then the cab stopped suddenly.

My eyes flew open.

Shit! the driver said.

In front of us, a traffic jam spanned for blocks. Cars framed the cab on all four sides. We were trapped. How could I possibly wait longer for a fuck? I needed to get off, and bad!

The driver leaned back against the seat, his frustration evident. It will take us at least an hour to get through this jam.

My heart sank. Are you serious?

Its been like this every morning. Its the construction of the new convention center. Lanes are closed. Traffic sucks!

More disappointment... I wanted to feel Erics long shaft inside me. I wanted to stroke his balls while he fucked me hard. Though it was a short delay, the condition I was in made it seem impossibly long. My whole body was on fire, as I thought of what I might do...

When the driver asked, What were you going to do downtown? I answered, without a moments hesitation, Fuck my husband!

His brows flew up. Lucky guy.

No, actually, Im the lucky one.

I thought for a moment, then just said it anyhow Im so horny... I hope you dont mind if I take care of myself while we wait.

I could see the confusion in his eyes in the rearview mirror. Instead of answering with words, I answered his unspoken question with action.

I slowly unbuttoned my coat and revealed my sexy outfit. He watched in the rearview as I removed my bustier to reveal my firm round tits. His breathing grew rapid as I took my nipples between my fingers and pinched them hard. I cradled both tits and lifted them toward him as if offering a gift.

Do you like what you see?

He scooted his bucket seat back and readily unzipped his pants. Oh, yeah, he encouraged me through clenched teeth, Thats it baby... let me see your cunt.

By now my scent had filled the entire cab. I was so horny that my mind turned to static. I could only think of one thing getting off.

Easing against the seat, I spread my legs to give him a view of my dripping wet cunt. I coiled a damp curl around my little finger, You like watching? I murmured, teasing him.

His body shook as he stroked himself. Oh yeah... Spread your legs now... show me your hole.

His dirty talk almost made me pass out from lust. I took up one lap belt, wrapped it around my thigh, and pulled it taut. Then I strapped open the other leg. So I was sitting in the center of the cabs backseat with my legs tightly bound wide open. The hot young driver never took his eyes off me.

Is that wide enough for you? I asked.


With two fingers, I dipped into my pussy hole and drew the wetness to my hard little clit. Just the touch of my fingertip against my throbbing bud sent sparks through my veins. In rhythmic circles, I caressed my lips and hole with one hand, while pinching and tugging my nipples with the other.

I heard the driver groan as he hammered his dick hard. I peered over the front seat to gloat over his size. Although it wasnt as long as my husbands, it was as fat as a beer can. I could just taste what it would be like, to have him force it inside and stretch my pussy that wide.

The closer I came to my orgasm, the harder I strained against the belts. The inside of my thighs stung from the stiff fabric, giving me another wild sensation. Closing my eyes, I continued to finger-fuck myself furiously. I fantasized about Eric fucking me in the mouth, while the driver fucked me up the ass with that monster rod. With a couple of swats against my cunt, I brought myself closer to exploding with pleasure.

The driver moaned. Im coming.

I opened my eyes just as a steady stream of come shot from his cock. It painted his hand, stomach and the steering wheel. He continued to groan and milk himself dry.

I couldnt hold back any longer. As I two-fingered myself with one hand, I rubbed my clit with the other. With just a few strokes I was shuddering with wave after wave of wildest ecstasy.

By the time we had recovered from our orgasms traffic had started to move. I replaced my bustier and fastened my coat for the rest of the ride downtown. As we pulled up next to my husbands office building, I reached over the seat and handed the driver his fare. Before he took it, he clasped my hand in his, inhaled my scent and licked my fingers clean. What a tip!

That was one time I was happy to have been stuck in traffic.

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