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Satisficing behavior

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Business Growth

The managements prime concern in a business/firm is its long term security, so it is more centralized along the theme of maximizing growth of the firms assets rather than maximizing in its sales or profits.

By having high growth rates, a certain monopoly power can be achieved in the market place and from this power; a firm may prosper from high growth rates, which may bring power, promotion and prestige within the general business community. With the goal of maximizing profits in mind, a business will behave much differently to one’s who’s goals are to maximize profits. A firm with growth as a goal would tend to avoid risky ventures and settle for security rather than taking risks, this is turn makes the business/firm make more investments to even up their consolidative approach. But like the sales maximizing firm, however, the firm which aims at maximizing growth must still attain a satisfactory level of profits. After all profits provide one of the most basic sources of funds for business expansion.

Satisficing behavior

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The satisficing hypothesis is known as the goal that a business sets itself to achieve a certain level of performance in relation to a whole range of goals rather than to maximize a particular goal such as profit, sales and growth.

To achieve this, directorates and executives of the firm setup targets for the firm to achieve such as satisfactory performance-a satisfactory level of profits, volume of sales revenue and a satisfactory rate of growth. The achievement of these results is regarded as first-priority and will disconcert greater effort that may have produced an even more outstanding result.

Clearly pricing and output decisions of a firm which behaves in a satisficing way are likely to be different from those of firms which pursue maximizing goals of one of a kind or another. Just how different depends upon the particular combination of goals which the satisficing firm chooses to pursue.

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