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Many times during adolescence, young adults will falter in their journey to self discovery. In Alice Walkers Everyday Use, the character Dee faces similar self-dilemmas. Walter uses the theme, the journey to self discovery is often a difficult one, to relate her writing to a younger audience.

In the beginning of the story it is apparent that Dee has al of the unspoken advantages of being the oldest. Maggie, the younger child, was unfortunately burned in the fire of their first house. Maggie was ...homely and ashamed of the burn scars on her arms and legs... (4). Because Maggie is the youngest, she looks up to her sister, but because of her injuries she feels inferior to her.

Since her youth it was obvious that dee had a strong desire to have nice things. Even with humble beginnings she grew up to expect only the best. As a child her mother and the church raised the money to send her to the Augusta school. She showred with her newfound knowledge, unaware that she was forcing her own, and others bviews on them. Unable to tell her different, her mother and sister just listened and accepted Dees views. Dee assuming that she was assisting her family continued with her hindrance.

It was as if she fit her family into her schedule. She saw them and associated with them on her own terms. ...she didnt have much time to pay us... (7). However, this time when Dee came home, she had a totally different persona. She had changed both physically and mentally. From the description of her utfit, it appears that she has African influenced garments on, and that she has allowed her hair to be in its natural state.

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This new beginning or back to her roots phase of her life is essential to the story. She has apparently changed her name to Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo. She claims taht the name Dee, or the person rather, is dead. In Dees eyes she is giving bac to her ancestry, exercising her pride. However, in her mothers eyes she is really denying her roots. She was named after family members before her, and it carried great significance.

Dee is so caught, once again, in herself and her own journey taht she did not even consider the serious insults that she gave her mother.

Having thoroughly insulted her mother, Wangero or Dee the in turn requests to have soem significant family items. It is ironic, having just denied her name, she asked to have family belongings. Her mother, unable to tell her no, allowed her to take the hand carved churn. As she continued on her search for family memorabilia she ran across the blankets. Of course she realized that significant sentimental value but more so she treasured the historical value. Her mother, aware of her pursuit, suggests that she select another set of blankets. However Dee refuses. She insists on having those blankets. After repeatedly telling her no she tells her that she in fact planned to give them to Maggie. Dee, in her anguish, exclaims that Maggie cant appreciate quilts! and that she would ...probably be backwards enough to put them to everyday use! The mother, aware of Dees self-centered nature, remained admit about of her decision.

Dee, of course, was stunned and hurt by her mothers decision. Dee had never been faced with no as an answer so she was not sure how to react. In all actuality the blankets were Maggies. Dee was faced with a crossroad in her adolescence. For the first time she was denied what she felt was hers.

During Dees journey, she unfortunately hurt her mother, sister, and in the end, herself. Her rude awakening is painful, but necessary. Many times the changes that are experienced in reaching adulthood are. In the end, Dee learns a valuable lesson about heself and life.

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