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Aerial Unmanned Vehicles

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The Black Widow Micro Air Vehicle is a fixed wing aircraft with an onboard color video camera that can transmit live video from up to km away. The electronics in this device are some of the smallest in the world. The small size of the Black Widow allows it to be used for a multitude of purposes, such as visual reconnaissance (spying), situational awareness, damage assessment, surveillance, biological or chemical agent sensing, and communications relay. In addition to these military missions, there are several other uses, such as search and rescue, border patrol, air sampling, police surveillance, and field research.


The RAND Corporation performed the first study for Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) in 1. The authors said that the development of insect-size flying and crawling systems could help give the US a military advantage in the coming years. During the following two years, a more detailed study was performed at Lincoln Laboratory. This study concluded that a six-inch MAV was feasible. In 18, AeroVironment was awarded a contract, which funded the current Black Widow MAV configuration. In the early stages of the Black Widow MAV program, several prototypes were built. About twenty balsa wood gliders with different wings were built. These tests showed that the disc shape was a possibility, so a powered version was built next. The powered 6-inch disc did a -second flight in the spring of 16. The endurance was gradually increased using the disc shape, resulting in a 16-minute flight using lithium batteries in November of 17. This MAV weighed 40 grams.


The final Black Widow design uses a micro-motor running on Lithium batteries, these batteries offer a very high-energy storage but a little less power. This combination is ideal for surveillance. A micro propeller is attached to the motor. This power system allows the plane to fly at about 0 mph for 0 minutes. The airframe is contstucted from foam using a CNC cutting machine. This robotic device uses stepper motors and a computer program to fabricate the small parts shown in the above picture with extreme precision. The plane is controlled from a module at the ground, which allows the pilot to see through the camera in the plane, as if he/she was in the cockpit. A receiver in the plane receives the transmitter’s signals and micro-actuators move the corresponding control surfaces.


The Black Widow MAV is an extraordinary piece of technology that will certainly be used heavily by the U.S. military in the coming decades. This innovation is only the beginning. As electronics grow smaller and smaller, a mobile flying surveillance device the size of a fly will be possible. These miniscule spies will be able to infiltrate virtually any enemy installation or vehicle, giving the user unmatched advantages in combat.

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