Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Animal Farm

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Animal Farm was written by George Orwell in 145. The author was against communism, which led him to write this story showing the faults of communism. Orwell made each animal in the story resemble some type of person from the Soviet Union. He wrote the story so you could see both the good, and the bad side of communism.

The plot starts off with Old Major, a pig that was the leader of all the animals, proposes that all the animals take over the farm and kick out the humans. Unfortunately, Old Major was shot and killed causing the animals to give up hope. However there was one pig that wanted to carry out Old Majors dream. This pigs name was Snowball. Snowball arranged an attack on the humans, which lead to all the humans abandoning the farm. The animals nominated Snowball as the president of the republic. A revolution begins and all sorts of things changed. Another pig slowly gains power and kicks Snowball out of power. This pig was known as Napoleon. Napoleon becomes more and more greedy and the republic begins to collapse. The animals abandon the pigs and the farm. In the end, after the pigs lost everything the animals came back to the farm where everything was the same as it was in the beginning.

The characters in this book all represent a person from Russian history from 117-14. Napoleon represents Stalin, and Snowball reflects Trotsky. Mollie, the dog, represents all those Russians that fled after the Bolshevik Revolution in 117. Boxer, the horse, represents the faithful proletariat. The Raven represented the Orthodox Church. All of the characters in this story tied into the history of Russia and communism.

This story was written in 145, where Russia was finishing up a world war with the rest of the globe. George Orwell was strongly against communism and how they deal with political issues. Orwell saw many trends of the rise and fall of Russia with the First World War. It was the issues between 117 and 14 that led him to write this story.

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