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Appropriate sources must be used to persuade audience

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Appropriate sources must be used to persuade audience

This essay shows arguments about how do writers sometimes, fail to choose the right words when writing a literary work. According to Miller and Swift, the authors of the essay, as time passes by, words change their meanings thus, changing their rules when used in grammar but many have a hard time giving it up. As a result, there are many ambiguous and insidious terms that take time and trouble to write more precisely. Contributing to this problem according to them, are the old terms that have lost it favor and the psychological impact of the grammatical rule mandating masculine-gender pronouns. They tried to show who’s in charge of the English language by citing several evidences that shows the unconscious degrading effects of the present language today, more especially to the women. The importance of using clear and precise words were also introduced because for them, it reflects a vigorously alive, dynamic society that is capable of identifying almost all of the new situations that has not been a subject of conversations before. For the finale, they quoted George Orwell when he said that we must let the meaning choose the appropriate words not the words to choose the appropriate meaning.

The structure of this essay is based on their assumption that the sexes are thought of as opposite. If one of the sexes is becoming archaic, then the other sex must be the one in charge of the English language. They gave examples of words to prove their assumption and clearly manifests that the two terms, instead of having parallel meanings, happens to overlap one sex over the other. They used the bible and history to establish the facts. “In the book of Genesis, Adam named all the animals and was given dominion over them, later, the story says, “Adam called his wife’s name Eve.” (550). They also cite distinguishable persons that support their arguments. They divided it in to three sections, “Female-Negative-trial,” “The Slippery Slope,” and “Resistance to Change and the Problem of Precision.

On the “Female-Negative-Trial” the authors advance the arguments by comparing the two words representing each sex using the definition it has from the most recently updated edition of Webster’s Third New International Dictionary. The two entries were proven to be not comparable to one another because the definition of womanly has no other comparable synonyms according to the dictionary than when it defines the man where there are admirable qualities that all of us might wish we had.

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“They’re saying that in addition to defining characteristics appropriate to a man, like vocal pitch, manly is synonymous with admirable qualities that all of us might wish we had…. And where is the list of comparable synonyms for womanly? There aren’t any. Instead, womanly is defined only in a circular way � through characteristics seen to be appropriate or inappropriate to women, not human beings in general.” (55).

The “Slippery Slope” also supports their arguments. They used nouns that have the same words when regarding to a male sex and a different word when regarding a female sex. Most of the time the general word, which is on the top of a triangle, is used interchangeably with the masculine gender word and that confused a lot of people to the extent that they are both perceive as the same. While this slope is slipping down on one side, the feminine gender word was abandoned on the other side.

Also in the “Resistance to Change and the Problem of Precision,” they site an example of resistance made by one’s environment towards his new ideas. Many words were developed and evolved through time and almost all of the authorities put it down. Nevertheless, there is still a fortunate few who adapted these new words. There is also the example derived from the use of the pronoun they, which is from the start can be used to refer to a single person. This word, as time passed by, changes its meaning and use. It is now used only to refer plural nouns but still, many find it hard to adapt the progress of our language. Because it is all mixed up, the readers are the one who usually get confused or get lost of their products. The use of he generically is, like man used generically. At this point, they presented enough evidences to support their premise that men are the one considered as a standard of norm in the English Language.

The audience of this essay were the members of the Association of American University Presses and they will probably believe on paragraphs wrote by a professional or entries derived from widely accepted belief. The authors used the appropriate sources for them to be persuaded. At the start, they used the Book of Genesis from the bible, which is widely accepted as a belief not only by Christians but also by Muslims and Jews. They used basic anthropology, to support the idea that the single best way to understand the culture of any society is to study the lexicon of its language. They also got some evidence copied straight from the most recently updated edition of Webster’s Third New International Dictionary. Nobody will disagree with that. David Hume, a philosopher is creditable to the press. Alexander Gil was a London schoolmaster, he was the headmaster of St.Paul’s School at the time and Lord Chesterfield, is a well-educated British salesman, everyone will not find it hard to believe them. Even on Lynn’s White, Jr., a president of Mills College, there is no reason for them to accept his claim. Also, George Orwell and Douglas Hofstadter, who already wrote numerous essays, and the latter, wrote a book, gained enough respect from the press. They gathered sources that will appear creditable to the press. In this case though, it is not that hard to persuade the press. There are a wide variety of sources that can be used to persuade the press. The press almost accepts anything a well-known man will say. Popularity is the key, the more popular your subject is, the more likely he is appealing to the press. That is what the authors did they used popular sources.

Miller and Swift surely proved themselves out in this essay. I can be sure that there is no way the press will not take that arguments and make it an wider issue. By using enough number and correct set of sources to support your argument, it is easy to persuade your audience. One must not disregard the audience because they are the one to be persuaded at. It is a must that an author gathers sources that will be believed by his/her audience because even though he/she got many evidences, it will not help if he chooses the wrong sources. When it happens, all of your efforts and time will become a waste.

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