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Currently Gov. Rendell is pushing the enactment of legislation to allow casino type gambling in Pennsylavnia as a good way to fund education programs. Legislation for other forms of gambling will probally be soon considered. Is Gambling a good way to raise funds for education and other good causes. The answer is yes. With a further look into gaming MY goal of this speech is to persuade you to support casino gambling in the state of Pennsylavania. Creditbilities are I have been to Atlantic City well over 00 times. I am a current member of the players choice club at Penn National race track in Harrisburg and I was entered in handicapping tournaments which grand prize was 10,000 and an all expense paid trip to Churchill downs to take part in the Kenyucky Derby.

I will relate my speech time to time with Atlantic City because it is the blue print which our governor is following. In 16 the legalized gambling industry employed more than a half million people, with total salaries of more than 15 billion dollars. Casinos just in Atlantic City employed about 50,000 people. In 18, the casinos paid 41.7 million dollars in school taxes and 5 million in county property taxes. From 185 through June 1, about 00 million dollars of casino funds had been earmarked for casino community investment in Atlantic City. Imagine what those funds can do for in debt state of Pennsylvaina. Most people think well thats a lot of money but the social problems gambling creates just is not worth it. In 18 econmic cost for problem gamblers (meaning addicts) was 5 billion dollars, you may be thinking thats a lot,,, but compared to drug abuse which was 150 billion dollars and alcohol abuse which costed nearly 10 billion dollars gambling is one of our least worries. An overwhelming majority of people support Atlantic City in the state of New Jersey and why not, they love to see tourist from Pennsylvania spend millions supporting New Jerseys state funded programs. There is also NO I repeat NO conclusive evidence whether or not gambling caused increase social problems in Atlantic City. People who do not repect the aspect of gambling may come to a conclusion oh well that person has a problem, but in fact only 1% of all gamblers have a need to gamble.

Individuals who are not in favor of casinos basically only have agruments, Gambling addicts will even resort to crime to finace their addictions, and the role it sends to our youth is a disturbing one. I am hear to tell you that both of those arguments are wrong. Most gamblers who resort to crime admit they already have taken part in illegal activities before they ever started to gamble. Also usually the so called crimes that they commit are non aggressive and the only person hurt by these crimes is the gambler not the community. As a youth I took part in many gambling activities from betting on football games to playing poker in pizza parlors, and I can honestly admit I never stole or commited any crime which was related to gambling. The fact that the gambling industry lures in our youth has never been proven and the risk reward lesson it teaches may be beneficial for a child. In retrospect the impact that casinos and gambling have on the community are only positive ones. Casinos near your community means more books in your local libraries and schools, better roads and sidewalks, and more updated hospitals and services. Lets not forget the tourism factor. Millions of people visit Atlantic City annually to gamble. When these people are on vacations they need places to sleep, eat, and take the kids. Hotels, amusement parks, zoos and shopping areas have all benefited and profited indirectly from gambling. Looking back at Atlantic City 100 years ago its amazing to see how gambling helped them prosper.

Lets realize that gambling is a form of entertainment not addiction. To go see a movie with a date it cost at least 0 dollars sport ventures at least 50, bottom line is that all forms of entertainment are prove to be costly. But Gambling is the only form which may actually pay you to be entertained now who could pass that up. Legalized gambling when controlled and regulated is one of the safest and most economic forms of recreation we have.

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Are you convinced that we must legalize gambling in Pennsylavania? I hope so. I urge you to contact your state representative and senator and let them know just how strongly you feel and tell them to follow in our govenors lead and vote for legalization of gambling

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