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Friendliness is simply the joy of sharing without conditions, without expectations, with no desire that something should be returned- not even gratefulness.(Friendship 1). Many believe that to know friendship is to know a special kind of joy. In the dictionary, friendship is described as a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. Even though there are many meanings of the word friendship there are only two kinds of friendship, good and bad. Also, many different people have demonstrated the power of friendship but one woman holds the true meaning of it.

In life, many friends come and go but the best friends stay for a lifetime. There are many types of good friendships, such as, friendships with actual friends, family, or just acquaintances. Friendship is an extremely important aspect of life. Good friends are cherished and adored, some would say, the road to a friends house is never long (Friendship 1). This shows that, when you have a great friend it doesnt take a lot to be friends with that person. Being someones friend means to know the ins and outs of that person and even their darkest secrets. You also love, respect, and know that person very well. Another friendship is one that a person has with his or her family. Sometimes these can be the best friendships because that person knows the family or family member better than anyone else does. On the other hand, they can be bad because you never get a break from your family because you live with them each day. The last type of friendship is an acquaintance. This is a person that someone would just say hi or bye and maybe has a quick conversation. They dont really share much, and are not very close, but they are friends. This is what most friendships are. Usually someone only has a couple good friends and a lot of acquaintances.


Everyone has experienced a bad friendship at least once in his or her life. Difficult friendships can leave one deeply wounded. As Buddha once said, An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; for a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind(Friendship 1). When a good or best friend hurts a person it can be devastating because they have invested so much time and energy into that friendship and for what? What a person needs to remember is that any friendship can help them and be used as a means for them to build thriving relationships on. Another type of bad friendship is someone being hurt by an acquaintance; usually this doesnt bother a person as much but is defiantly painful.

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There has been many different people, organizations, and communities that have demonstrated the meaning of friendship. Princess Diana is a great and powerful individual who has truly been a friend to all. Even when her life wasnt going well, Princess Di was always ready and prepared to help others in the best way she knew how. The Princess of Whales transformed herself from her life of fame to the life of serving others. In turn, this gave her more fame, then her royal life did. She was involved in many different charities that included homeless children, breast cancer, drug abuse, and AIDS. Diana was also the vice president of the British Red Cross and was a member of the International Red Cross. On August 1, 17, Diana was tragically killed in an automobile accident (Diana ). After her death Diana was recognized even more than

before. She was an extremely compassionate and caring individual. In her life she had many trials and hard times but in the end she was recognized as a friend to all people.

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