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In the majority of developing countries, education is scarce, as is family planning. Many countries have adapted family planning and I propose a system something like the policy which China has adapted. In China, the rapid population growth has occurred because the death rate has dropped sharply. The birthrate has also dropped but there are too many young people in the population. To maintain and improve the quality of living as well as reducing future population growth, in 178 the Chinese government has promoted a one child per family population plan. Benefits await those parents which are able successfully maintain the proposed family size. If a mother becomes pregnant with her second or third child, she is encouraged to get an abortion. Also, sterilization for the father is also recommended to eliminate the risk.At first, China was seen as a gold mine because of the fact that workers demanded little and demanded low wages. In turn, this meant that the workers could rarely afford the products they were manufacturing. Philips was succeeding in producing the products cheaply; however, they were failing at creating a new market demand where they were manufacturing. To fix this problem, Philips and other companies began to manufacture the products in China, and export them to wealthier countries where a higher price tag could be placed on consumer goods, mainly the United States. China has made significant strides in the right direction; I have a better and potentially more effective plan. My family planning policy is directed at third world countries and developed countries alike. In order for the plan to work in developing countries, the governments will have to thin out corruption and work hard to increase the efficiency of the public sector. The plan will condone single child households and encourage family planning through tax breaks and benefits. Once the first child is born, the parents start receiving tax breaks which gradually increase year by year as long as a second child isn’t born. As every year goes on, the money starts to shift from taxes to the child’s future education. For example, let’s say that two parents gave birth to a child in 000. They start off by getting a 1% property tax break which increases by .5% annually. By 005, the parents are receiving a 4.5% break on their property taxes. At this point, the annual increase grows to 1% annually while 50% of the total money being saved flows directly to the future education of the child, (High School or College) depending on the education available at the specific country. Also, after 5 years the parents are guaranteed to keep the money they have accumulated, but in the next 5 years they have to continue their three person family if they wish to retain their funds. As the years go on, the money continues to shift from tax breaks to the education fund. If the parents have a second child, they lose all the money unless they spread the child between 5 years. This plan is a very basic overview but the basic idea is to encourage family planning through economic benefit.

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