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The founder of Confucius’s real name is Kong Qui. Confucius is a Latin word that means “Kongfuzi” and when transferred into English means “Great Master Kong”. He was born in 551 � 47 B.C.E. in the state of Lu in China (now known as the province of Shandong). When he was a young boy, his father died and was left with his mother to look after him. She had to because the man of the house and also get Confucius to become a proper working man.

Going through school Confucius and his mother both realized that he was a brilliant boy who could make a difference in ones life. He loved to learn but most of all he loved to teach. It was said that he often play make believe and pretend he was making rituals and temples. As he got older people quickly recognized him as being a fair man who was very loving and caring. He decided he wanted to be a teacher and very soon after he had many disciples following him.

Confucius thought in order to get his word around he should join the council and have people hear him that way. He wanted to teach people the ways of what he thought would be better living for a personal and governmental life. But he soon realized that being on the council did not work and his word would not get around enough. So for the next 1 years when he was 54 he would travel from city to city all through China trying to get more followers and believers. The nobles did not like this and would try to kill him or put him in jail.

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After his long travels he decided to make his way back to Lu at the age of 67. He was warmly welcomed but did not go back to the council, he decided just to lay low and continue with his teachings and writings. He then dies at the old age of 7. Although at the time it did not seem like Confucius accomplished very much, after he died his disciples took matters into their own hands and basically made the religion into what it is today.

Confucianism is one of the main religions in East Asia, and well known all over the world. Because of them Confucius and one of the more respected and loved men of the past and will be for many years to come.

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