Monday, June 13, 2011

country city living

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Living in the country has a lot more benefits than living in the city. in the city all you can here iss the noises of cars and people fighting and yelling.

in the country you can here the crickets and the sound of the rain falling on your roof. in the country you can have farm animals and have no complaints from your neighbors.

in the city thats all you here is the complaints from your neighbors. they joften call the cops on you if you dio somethiong that doesnt suit them just right.

that why i prefer to live in the country. i would not have it no other way, i am relaxed most of the time. have you ever met someone fdrom the city they always seem to be tensed up or stressed out.

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i have lived in the country all of my life. one time i stayed with my aunt in evansville and it was the worst week that i had ever spent trying to have fun. i guess one of my problems living in the country wpould be that im not a people person so there fore there was nothing to do and i hate to shop in crowded stores . so i just set at her house counting down the hours till i could go back home. i couildnt wait to climb in my own bed and let the crickits chirp put me to sleep and then wake up to the roostersd crow.

i guess you could say i was homesick. i missed my friends. thats another disadvantage of the city there was hardly anybody that was friendly in the city i made no freinds the whole time i was up there. everfybody that i tried to talk to seemed to be snobs or that they were better than everyone else.

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