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Cruel, Inhumane, and Unacceptable

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Cruel, Inhumane, and Unacceptable

In order to prevent another holocaust from occurring, American schools must teach it to educate people about the inhumanities that occurred during this time, and informing people about this tragedy depends on witnesses like Elie Wiesel. In educating people about the Holocaust, schools are presenting them with cruel, inhumane, and unacceptable behavior, which they will see and learn not to follow. One reason that the incongruous cruelty of the Holocaust must be taught in schools is because some people believe that it is feasible that the Holocaust never happened. In a survey some results were shocking; “1% of the adults and 17% of the students said that they didn’t know whether it was possible the Holocaust ever took place” (“Many Ignorant” A). (CP) These results are completely unacceptable; the percentage for these statistics should be zero. That is why truthful information on the Holocaust must be taught. Another reason that the Holocaust must be taught in schools is because people need to know that the events of the Holocaust were unethical. Eva Kumpfert, a Holocaust survivor, once said, “We have to say the truth...come to terms with it” (“Horror” A). This quote stresses the importance of talking about past events and how important it is to teach other generations how wrong the actions of the Holocaust were. Similarly, education about the Holocaust is important because it teaches people that the Holocaust was inhumane, and that people must not follow similar footsteps. Wiesel expressed this by saying, “No one has suffered like the Jewish people have. No people were exterminated for their being” (Murphy 4). The inhumanities of the Holocaust need to be well displayed so that future generations know that those kinds of actions are morally wrong. Future generations must be informed about the terrible events of the Holocaust, so they acknowledge that it happened, and that the unethical and inhumane ways of the Holocaust are unacceptable.

The terrible events of the Holocaust caused Elie Wiesel to take a self-imposed vow of silence for ten years, but when he told his story to he world, he contributed to the cause of informing people about the Holocaust. (AP) Wiesel, a surviving Holocaust victim, contributes to the cause of informing people about the Holocaust by telling his audience the importance of family even in times where self-preservation seems best. Wiesel said, “My God, Lord of the Universe, give me the strength never to do what Rabbi Eliahou’s son has done” (Wiesel 87). Wiesel is asking God to not allow him to abandon his father to increase his own chance of survival, like Rabbi Eliahou’s son did. Wiesel did not want the brutality of his surroundings to cause him to be brutal himself. (CP) In addition, Wiesel communicates the painful truth of his struggle with faith and how important it is to always have hope, helping people understand how the Jews were affected as a religious people. Wiesel said, “Never shall I forget those flames which consumed my faith forever” (Wiesel ). Wiesel claims he has completely lost his faith, as shown in this quote, but he truly has not. He prays to God at various times in his book Night. In the end, Wiesel lives and eventually recovers to full health. This shows that people should always have faith. Lastly, Wiesel contributes the emotional reality of the interminable Holocaust. (CX) Wiesel is laconic when he says, “Never shall I forget the little faces of the children, whose bodies I saw turned into wreath of smoke beneath a silent blue sky” (Wiesel ). This quote shows the brutal reality of the Holocaust. It is extremely important for future generations to know what truly happened. For these reasons, schools must teach about the Holocaust to educate people about the truth and the inhumane actions; Wiesel effectively contributes to this education through his speeches and his book, Night.

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