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whenever there is someone else with a higher authority responsible for our job status. To function in harmony, the supervisor and the employees must understand that the other’s decision is based on a survival skill.

Similarly, in Eric Alterman’s The Nation, he contributes a majority of the problems to the consumers themselves. He states that “every time we eat one (hamburger) we are contributing to a cycle of suffering not only of animals, but also humans.” Each time a consumer contributes to McDonald’s by buying one of their burgers, we slowly kill away the “mom and pop operations”. However, it’s difficult to keep business such as these stores operational in the first place because not every consumer wants to sit and eat. The general trend of the typical American life is to get from one point to the other point with quickness and ease. It is the role of business like McDonald’s to satisfy these luxuries. The role that consumers play is to be the one contributing to the existence of McDonalds so that in return, they are able to serve a quick lunch without hassle.

In The day in 171 that Luvernel Clark started, Tamar Wilner illustrates the role of foreign competition and how it affects the workers around the United States. As corporate CEO’s, their duty and role is to find a way to manufacture more products for less money. Like Roger Smith, going a foreign location was the best option because there, employees worked for less money. When hundreds of Tennessee plant workers were laid off to foreign competition, there was simply no option for them. Their role as the “weaker species” is to accept what fate is handed to them by higher authorities like Roger Smith. Although, putting hundreds of people on streets is unethical, the corporate leaders have this option and turn to this option for their well-being also. If their business is not doing well because they overpay workers, it’s their duty to do what is needed to keep the company afoot and keep consumers like us satisfied with lower prices.

Although what Roger Smith and CEO’s like him did was unethical, it teaches us to always anticipate the worst. Corporate CEO’s have the option to let anyone go anytime if needed to keep their company moving because it’s their duty. Because consumers and workers have no control over what companies decide, their duty is to always be aware that survival may mean moving on to a different job. If we, as consumers and employees, demand cheaper prices on Levi’s jeans or cheaper cars, we must understand that certain sacrifices must be made in order for corporations to meet these demands.

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