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Dirty Thirties

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Throughout the years of 1 to 1, there was a world wide Depression and Canada was one of the worst affected countries. Financially and economically Canada began to collapse regardless of what was done by political power. The prairie settlers struggled to make a living with the circumstances of poverty and hardships. The Great Depression created economic and financial problems, unemployment, family issues and severe loss of hope among the Canadians.

The Government needed people to move into the Prairie Provinces. People came from America, Eastern Europe and Ontario to settle the new land. “Its dust, scorching winds and sparse bush”, caused the settlers to lose their money. Wheat crop prices went down because the government set out a minimum price for wheat “Wheat prices tumbled from around $ a bushel in 18 to just 5 cents in 1.” Plagues of grasshoppers started to eat what was left of the crops. As a result of living in poverty and no hope, more than 00,000 people left the Prairie Provinces looking for a better future.

On October ,1, also referred to as Black Tuesday, the stock market plunged in New York, Toronto, Montr�al and other financial centers around the world, destabilizing the entire continent. Many believe that the economy could not handle the rapid growth of population. It is also said that investors lost confidence in the market and in the government.

Prime Minister R. B. Bennett took matters into his own hands “He earmarked $0 million for emergency relief, out of a total federal budget of $500 million.” He also raised import tariffs by fifty percent. His disastrous approach eventually cut off Canadian exports to the world. When World War II started up, the demand for supplies came back. Many settlers began to “ride the rods”, hopping on railway cars, to find employment and money to support their families. Bennett’s solution to unemployment was to provide Government Work Camps. The men would work in the bush for twenty cents per day; the workers resented the slave camp atmosphere and soon went on strike.

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During the Dirty Thirties, many hard times came to the Canadian people. Prices of grain fell, exports and imports were put on hold, and people were dying of starvation. The financial problems the country experienced soon would create a more involved form of government. Overall, the Great Depression is now a part of the past; the nation can look back on those rough times and learn from them.

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