Thursday, June 16, 2011

Francis Crick

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As Crick describes the process of luck and hard work that led to the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA, it is his personal virtues that resonate most notably as the determining factors of his success. He admits that as a novice scientist, his qualifications consisted of a “not-very-good degree” and limited knowledge in subjects that he was not particularly interested in, without even the auxiliary merit of any published papers (15). However, instead of deeming his lack of experience and dubitable credibility as obstacles, he transferred these ostensibly negative factors into vehicles for his success. He regaled in the fact that he was not “trapped by [his] own expertise” as were most scientists his age and had the opportunity to truly determine what he wanted to focus on as he turned his scientific training into a career. He was able to translate his ignorance, since he “essentially knew nothing,” into optimism, citing that he thus had complete liberty of choice. This ability to transcend possible setbacks through his anomalous mode of problem solving was an integral part of his advancement- it allowed him to look at the problem of DNA structure with a new degree of ingenuity and inventiveness. Furthermore, Crick’s strong sense of self and his confidence in his own potential distinguished him as a vocal figure in his field- he did not hesitate to offer his opinions even as they were being formulated and was therefore always a participant, instead of an observer in his field. These qualities are illuminated foremost by his manner of choosing his particular biological emphasis he did not hesitate to trust his own intuition as it was revealed through his “gossip talk.” His rejection of a possible job offer when he was in the midst of deciding what to do with his life is a further indicator of his unique inner strength- not many people uncertain of where to go in their professions hesitate to take the path offered. His ambitious nature too was an obvious aid in achieving his goals and persisting in his efforts till he did so.

It is by observing Crick’s ambition, enthusiasm, tenacity, passion, and ingenuity that a reader can most benefit from his autobiography, for these are the necessary elements for success in any profession and merit acknowledgement.

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