Saturday, June 18, 2011


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I pimp over to sharper image saturday night

checkin around, HDTVs in my sight

and what happens clerks on my ass

he says i gotta leave , cuz im smokin grass

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he says beat it foh i call da po po

god damnit this is gay i wanna pop da fohty foh

i leave da joint and it aint that tight

im gonna fight this teen misconception wit all my might

so i start headin home in da six fo impala

its about nine thirty bed time foh my momma

but then what do i see?

blue lights in my rear view whats the pig want from me?

so i pull over actin like a nice man

and whats he do he treats me like a dog ,da shits hit da fan

whatcha doin he wants to know

im drivin home wit da hydros on foh show

go straight home he tells to me

i aint on probation cant you see

he tells me to step out of my car

then he searches me and steals my hershey bar

all this fat cop wanted was a little food

but now hes gotten me in a pissy mood

what the fuck should i do

its the teen misconseption i tell you foo

this fine bitch i really wanna play

but then i find out shes got two daddys gay

they real big men but shes so hot

im gonna have to talk wit them ready or not

so i roll up to the house round 7 or 8

boy her daddys are huge could lose a little weight

talk to them tryin to make me sound nice

they say aight we give you a chance

i saw a 1 when i rolled the dice

so i tell her how about saturday

im glad to hear her voice say yes, and its not gay

saturday rolls around

so i show up actin profound

big daddy jim opens the door

come in son he says while billy feelin his ass galore

god this is gross grab the lady and run

i shout we be back just around the sleep of the sun

so we are out just havin a good time

drinkin some tequilla and bitin da lime

we start to gettin nasty and she gives me a kiss

when i realize its 11 ,im about to piss

i dont even want to bring her home

her daddys probobly would give me a bone

so i leave her right out in the front

WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKIN? Billy says with a grunt

you wanna rape my girl like i do to little boys

get outa here you aint seein my girl

start buyin yourself some sex toys

what the hell was his problem a little smootch on a date

teen misconception i guess its just fate

This teen misconception is everywhere

All people do is look and stare

I know it really aint all that faie

but why should i care what some old people think

they got some odors and they really stink

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