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History and Biology

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American Revolution When the colonists fought for their independence.

War for Independence The actual name of the war that won the colonists their independence.

Depression Britains economic slump that helped lead to the American revolution.

Boycott When the colonists refused to buy imported stuff from Britain.

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Decleration of Independence The paper written up that stated America was cutting off from the mother country.

Popular Sovereighty The basic idea of democracy.

Minutemen Colonist farmers who were ready to fight within a minute.

Geogre Washington The first president of America. He was also a general.

King George III The king of Britain.

Thomas Paine

Thomas Jefferson The discoverer of electricity.

Title Egg-Cellent Osmosis Lab

Introduction To see the cell membrane of the egg.


If I add 00 ml of water + 10 drops of food coloring to my egg, then the egg will increase in volume because water will move into the egg.

Materials One egg (two in some cases), toothpicks, ziplock box, water, graduated cylider, food coloring, tape, and vinigar, measurey thingy.

Procedure Get your egg and put it in your zip lock box. Then fill it with vinegar. Then the next day wiegh your egg and then pour the vinegar out and fill your graduated cylinder 00 ml full and pour it into the egg box. Then get your food coloring and put ten drops into the egg box. Then weigh your egg. The next day wiegh your egg and get your tooth picks. use the tooth picks to open the egg and look at the insides.


Day One Mass 7. grams, egg started to bubble after the vinegar was added.

Day Two Mass 5.6 grams and lost its shell. I think the egg will turn blue from the food coloring.

Day Three Mass101 grams. The egg turned blue and got bigger. When we put the toothpick in it the egg exploded and left the yolk and some kind of filmy thing that I believed to be the shell.

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