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Into To Becoming a Computer Engineer

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Why should a career choice be limited to one general field of study which could get tedious after many years of dealing with the same thing day in and day out? Or could a certain field appeal to more people by offering different sub-fields within that field? I have to come to realize that computer engineering can offer someone interested in this field an array of choices. This variety consists of, but isn’t limited to, alternatives such as being a computer designer, hardware and software tester, an installer of computer components and computer systems, and in some cases, a software designer. However, computer engineering will not appeal to everyone; some are attracted to the money and others are attracted by their passion for dealing with computer related issues.

I am seeking a position in this field as a result of being a member of the stereotyped “strange” group of people who are attracted by the passion of dealing with various computer related issues. I do care about how much I make, but I really care about having a job that I will love. Computers have advanced so much within the last decade, and I’ve become fascinated with them since about th grade when a friend of mine invited me to his birthday party. There he had a group of people who had actually brought their computers and were playing video games through a local area network. I was astounded by how well the games looked. I had never seen D games with such good visual graphics and animations. I began talking to him about computers and he told me that he built them on his own and that he could show me how to build one of my own if I wanted. From there my interest in computers skyrocketed to become my number one hobby.

As with all careers though, they must allow you to make the money to support a family or whatever your preferred lifestyle is, whether it be spending great deals of money on expensive possessions or going on numerous excursions which cost tons of money. Computer engineering is a field that pays very well. Starting salaries consist of, from an average across America, anywhere from about $45,000 a year all the way up to around $110,000 a year. The computer engineering field’s pay rates do depend on where exactly you live. Florida engineers on average get paid only about $40,000 to $0,000 annually.

Now that I’ve shown reasons for becoming a computer engineer as well as my reason for interest in the field, I will look at the different areas within the field that one can choose from. Being a computer engineer doesn’t limit you to just doing the same old thing. Some areas seem more interesting to me than others and some seem more tedious and boring to me than others. However, it all comes down to personal preference.

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A hardware installer would be an excellent choice for anyone who likes to put an actual computer together from scratch. It involves anything from screwing in the parts inside the computer tower, or case as some call it, to strategically place the different components within the case to allow for better air flow from small fans within the case. Like cars, computers will overheat if not properly cooled, which can result in sudden restarts or lock-ups that could cause unsaved files or settings to be lost.

Another interesting area would be a hardware designer. In some cases, in this part of the field you would have to take a silicon board and map out hundreds or even thousands of tiny paths on the board for electrical pulses to follow from different structures on the board to others. In other cases, you would design a microprocessor. This is a more complex process as it consists of millions of microscopic circuits within a chip the size of the fingernail on your pinky finger.

Two other areas that some may enjoy would either be a computer tester or a software installer. Neither would be too terrible of a job, but some could find it to be a bit tedious after a while. Being a tester, you would go through system checks to make sure the things are running properly and accurately within the system. Being a software installer, you would be required to install certain software, as the job class implies, depending on what specifications the computer manufacture or buyer requests. You would have to set-up the computer along with certain specs as well. For example, sometime computers are shipped with only parts of a program installed while others contain the entire program.

The last field of computer engineering would be a software designer or programmer. I personally would not like this job. The hundreds of thousand of lines of coding involved would be so tedious and overwhelming that it could drive someone crazy. If a single mistake is made that can dramatically alter the outcome of the program, it can be hell trying to relocate the problem and fixing it. It is, however, a good job for anyone who perhaps enjoys puzzle solving and designing how a program functions. Prestigious programs such as the Windows operating system can take many months and even years to design and have working properly. Video games too can consist of many lines of code. Those too can have their problems when designing, especially because the coded lines aren’t usually kept all within one file, but many individual files which could severely cripple the ability to easily search for a mistake.

Keep in mind that I have based some of these job opinions on personal preference of whether they would be interesting or not for myself. Anyone interested in this field could find a specific area to be more interesting than I found it to be and vise versa. I hope that I have shed some light on this diverse field. Most computer engineers work within groups of other engineers to complete their tasks because as they say “Two heads are better than one.” Computers are a way of life anymore and they will only continue to become more and more involved with our everyday living. This career allows for people to make the money they’ve always dreamed of having while at the same time earning respect from others because they are looked up to as the people who are helping to push this world’s technological progress to the next level of advancement.

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