Wednesday, June 15, 2011

is alcoholism hereditary?

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Is alcoholism hereditary?

The question whether or not alcoholism is hereditary had been researched for many many years. Study after study has been preformed, but they have conflicting results. Does a child become an alcoholic because of what they see their parents doing, or is it in their genes, and something they can not control?

Alcoholism is a craving for alcohol, loss of control when drinking and the inability to stop, physical dependence, the need to drink more to get ‘buzzed’, and withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, sweating, shakiness and anxiety. Children that are born to alcoholics are two-four times more likely to become alcoholic themselves, and have two times more problems with alcohol. It was estimated that one in three alcoholics have at least one parent similarly affected. People, who have a family history of alcoholism start drinking earlier in life, and have greater feelings of intoxication. They quickly adapt to the alcohol, and their perceptions of the intoxication end up to be the same as the others. (#) Besides having problems with alcohol, most of the children live with persuasive tension and stress, have higher levels of anxiety or depression, do poorly in school, and have problems with coping. Having parents that are alcoholic is a major reason why female adults become alcoholic themselves. It doesn’t automatically cause it, but it does account for 50-61% of the risk for women. College-aged sons of alcoholics have lower hormonal response to alcohol and feel less drunk when they drink too much compared to men whose parents were not alcoholics.

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