Thursday, June 16, 2011

Living Room

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As the wind softly and gently push the beautiful pink blossoms to fall slowly on to the ground so that it will paint some color to the sunny and bright August sky. Every thing is still so that they can quietly watch the beautiful pink blossoms travel on to the ground. From the big glass window of the small and decorated living room, stood a girl about the size of an overgrown golden recriever. Her eyes watched closely as each petal of the blossom either fell on to the ground adding beauty to the white marble floor of the backyard or press gently on to the spotless window and the willows. She thought if only I could do something to save this precious day so I won’t forget how special blossoms are. Quietly, she tiptoed to her own room up stairs without disturbing her parents. Lapale is a special name; it is named for girls who love everything that add color to nature. Lapale fits this description perfectly. Unlike her sister, Lapale is more into nature than gossiping and talking on the phone. Her turquoise eyes fills with hope as trees and flowers blossoms. Her tiny face pressed so close to the window, it looked like if the window had a face glued onto it. In her room, She quickly took a pencil and some paper and went down stairs to the living room, hurrying as fast as she could so that there would still be blossoms falling from its mother and into the end of life. Lapale reached the living room noticing that an ordinary green book was on the white chair directly across from the window. She open the pages as fast as she could disappointed by the fact that her parents had never show her that book. Inside She found a little suprise; it is not an ordinary book, it is not even a book at all! It is a box made and shaped like a real book. Inside this box are collections of different signs of the four seasons. One thing caught her eyes, a perfectly preserved blossom that she just couldn’t take her eyes off of. She took the petal as gently as possible, examine it and found out there are some pictures and writing on it. She slowly took it to the window so she could compare it with the others. It was somewhat different, unlike the ones out side this one has a little mark inside of it, but She couldn’t figure it out. She put it under a magnifying glass, but all she could see is some thing that look like an oversized chair. Suddenly Lafale thought of something. She remembered how her parents always said how Lapale resemble her grandma who they had no what her life was like. The over grown chair looked like a couch, so she picked up her feet and crawl under the sofa and found some thing that looked like a old fashion diary. Just then her mother and father walked angrily down stairs and asked her impatiently why she had to get herself all dirty and go under a sofa. Lapale proudly show her parents the discovery she discovered and since Lapale can’t read yet, her parents patiently read for her. After they finished reading the story, they settle down to have a long talk. Her parents told her that on the day they were married, her grandma could not make it to their wedding and felt sorry so she ran away, and that is all that was heard of her. After they got home from the wedding, Grand mother wrote them a letter tell them that after they move the only way to know where she is living is in the living room. That time they were so busy moving so they did not bother to look for the letter or diary. Now after all those years, Lapale had found the place where she was living. On top of a small hill filled with every kind of plants you can think of stood a warm little house that want to make you laugh. The outside paint is painted the prettiest shade of blue mixed with the brightest shade of moon light yellow, two of Lapale’s favorite colors. Outside came the merriest person Lapale had seen in her whole life. Her cheeks are Rosy red and her face is the most extraordinary face. Not different just extraordinary, indescribable face. Mother ran over and hugged her with all her might making the poor woman tumble backwards. She looked at us with the strangest expression and then silently whispers my mom’s name. Lapale was overjoyed, it was the first time in history Lapale seen her Grandma. The lady came over to her and asked if she was their daughter and also hugged her too. I bet Lapale had a good night sleep dreaming silently about the living room, pink blossoms, and her precious grandma.

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