Thursday, June 16, 2011

my past writing experience

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My past writing experience

There are several different interests that I have. The majority of my reflections pertain to outdoor life. Although there are several types of outdoor activities I enjoy, I typically like to reflect on deer hunting. It brings me an inner feeling of peace from the stresses of every day life. I use to think it was strange when people said they became one with nature. Now that I am older I realize the true meaning of the statement. It comes so natural putting my thoughts into words when expressing my feelings about wildlife and its surroundings.

Some of the reasons I write about nature are because you can express yourself through your senses. The smell of the forest is fresh and clean and if you listen carefully, you can hear the sounds of nature. When the sun breaks at dawn, the rays sneak through the branches so slowly, that it seems as if it has been eternity. The anticipation of daybreak makes my pulse begin to beat more swiftly. My senses tell me that the sleeping wildlife will soon come out from their shelters. The natural high that I get is one that you can only experience in the deepness of the woods. I am in my own little odyssey as the wind begins to move the trees. My thoughts come rushing in and my natural instincts come alive.

The most successful writing experience would have been the time that I fooled my parents. It was my eight-grade year and I had an English teacher that really knew her stuff. Every week we wrote on various topics. Not realizing it at the time, this limited vocabulary guy, became quite the writer. By the end of the year, she had us writing very well. So well, that my mother thought that some else had written the paper.

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There are several rules that I have never understood. One of the major ones is the MLA format. Why is it that we can’t just type a paper the way we want? I realize the importance of being able to write well. But, who set the standards for everyone to follow? Why is it that there must be a certain way you do a bibliography? Another problem I have is where to put a comma in a sentence. Where someone may pause in a sentence, another may not. One thing that really bothers me is beginning a paper in first person and having to end it in first person too. How do you do a formal and a topic outline? I find it a lot easier to write my paper, and then do my outline. Also, each paragraph has to have one main idea and you can’t talk about several different things in the paragraph. What is the correct way to place quotation marks? Why do punctuation marks sometimes go inside quotations and sometimes outside? Writing shouldn’t be s complicated! Shouldn’t it really be about your thoughts or reflections?

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