Friday, June 3, 2011

Opinion Paper: U.S. Involvement in WWI

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The United States was right to get involved in WWI. We had interests in Europe that were being endangered by the consistent fighting, including economic interests and many felt a tie to Britain. These facts, as well as the brutality that the Germans were using against innocent people, pushed the United States into the war.

The United States had strong economic ties with the Allies. American trade with Britain and France was more than double its trade with Germany before the war. The Allies swamped American manufacturers with orders for supplies like dynamites, cannon powder, submarines, copper wire and tubing, and armored cars, making trade with the Allies be even more profitable than trade with Germany. And while America shipped millions of dollars worth of supplies, the orders kept coming, and the American economy boomed, and in 115 a work shortage had begun as well.

The Germans were also fighting brutally, attacking civilians, destroying villages, cathedrals, libraries, and even hospitals, stirring up American sympathy. The Germans also sank many ships heading towards Allie countries with their U-boats. When they sunk the British liner the Lusitania on May 7, 115, and killed 18 Americans that were on board, America was outraged, and public opinion swerved away from them. The Germans continued to sink passenger ships, and when the Zimmerman Telegram (a telegram from Germany proposing Mexico form an alliance with Germany, saying that Germany would help Mexico take back land in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona) Americans were outraged, and it wasn?t long before the United States rightfully declared war on Germany.

It is in my opinion, that the Germans had it coming. We had every right to become angry at them for bombing innocent passenger ships. And to make matters worse, when they sunk the Lusitania they tried to defend their actions by saying that the ship had ammunition on it. If the United States hadn?t gone into the war, the economy wouldn?t have boomed as much either. Even though the Allies orders were keeping American factories busy, once we joined the war ourselves, we had to make even more weapons for our own soldiers. All in all, it?s a good thing we got involved.

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