Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Peer Pressure

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A lot times, people do things that they don’t want to because of the peer pressure

they face. And peer pressure can also cause internal conflict for that person. He or she

has to decide to do what their friends said or do what that person really think is the right

thing to do. In the short story “The New Kid” by Murray Heyer and in both articles

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“Peer Pressure Causes Teenagers to Smoke” by Steven V. Roberts and “Kids and guns”

by Derrick Shepard, the authors show how “peer pressure create internal conflicts”.

In the story Marty was a kids that always got left out and make fun of. His friends

don’t like to play with him because he is bad at everythings. One day he saw his friends

playing baseball and he want to play too by the said that there’s enough people so he can’t

play. No matter how many times he ask they wouldn’t let him play. So he walk out the

field sadly. Then he sat down outside of the field and try to think of ways that he can get

into the game, then it came to him he think if he can get a other person they would let him

in the game and the game will still be even.

That when he saw the new kid that just move in the block out side of his house.

When he saw him he rush over there and ask if the kid wanted to play with them, at first

he didn’t want to play but Marty keep asking him and telling him to play so at last me

went and they got into the game. When the ball is flying to the new kid he can’t caught it

and that he is really bad at baseball even worst the Marty. So they all start calling him

names and makes fun of him, even Marty. Then the new kid got mad and start talking

back to Marty. When the boys hear it they were telling Marty to beat him up and they

where all on his side and for the first time Marty feel like that he have friends. At first he

didn’t want to beat the new kid up but he thought a moment there he think that it he beat the kid up his friends will think that he is cool and want to play with him but he will be

doing something bad and turn in to a bully and if he don’t beat him up he thinks that all

his friends will think that he is a loser and not want to play with him. So at last he have

pick popularity over his contours and beat the kid up because of the peer pressure that his

friends had put on him.

In the article “Peer pressure cause Teenager to smoke” shows that about 000 teen

start smoking every day and study’s shows that if 75% of higher of your party smoke you

will pick up smoking too. Said Davon Harris “It makes your look cool and it make u look

belong” peer pressure is a enormous factor, most say that teens usually smoke in group.

And in a lot of magazine’s smoke ads show that smoking will make you look cool and

everyone will like you.

In the article “Kids and Guns” it show that a lot of kids that bring guns to school

and kill their teacher and the classmate was because of peer pressure. They bring the

guns to school to shoot at people and kill people is because they can’t stand it any more

that the kids dislike him and make fun of him or not like his because of his race. Study

shows most of them is non-white and poor.

As you can see “peer pressure can create internal conflicts” a lot of time we didn’t

do things because we want to, is because we think we have to so people will think that we

are cool and they will like us. I think we should just be our self and not let anyone telling

us what to do so they’ll be our friend, if he or she is a true friend they will like us for who

we are not for who they want us to be.

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