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Poop N Stoop

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- Stubbornness leads to consequences (Brady’s inacceptance of Drummond’s arguments for pro-creation, eventually leads him to his death)

(Reading) “From the hallowed hills of sacred Sinai… (He freezes. His lips move, but nothing comes out. Paradoxically, his silence brings silence. The orator can hold his audience only by not speaking…There seems to be some sort of violent, volcanic upheaval…” (pp. 107)

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- Religious differences and the resulting conflicts

- Evolutionism vs. Fundamentalism (Evolution vs. Bible)

- Freedom of thought and speech (Freedom to think, and to teach as well)

DRUMMOND (Energetically) “With all due respect to the bench, I hold that the right to think is very much on trial! It is fearfully in danger ni the proceedings of this court!” (pp. 64)

- Person vs. World (Must stand alone against an entire town and religious community against him).


- Golden dancer (Drummond makes mention of a golden dancer to Brady and how this represented to him goal in life. I believe here, the authors use this Golden dancer as a symbol of what Drummond is trying to challenge Brady to realize something can seem so clear and so certain at one point, then a minute later, it falls apart with you on it. In other words, Drummond is hinting to Brady that he intends to challenge him, and suggests that Brady not be stubborn enough as his ‘Golden dancer’ was.

- Radio (The radio is symbolic of the attention that this trial is getting, from small newspaper reporters at the start, to bigger reporters reporting for Chicago and other major prestigious news sources.

REPORTER (British accent) “A question, Mr. Brady.” BRADY “Certainly. Where are you from, young man?” REPORTER “London, sir. Reuters News Agency.” (pp. 5)

- Bible & Hunter’s Civic Biology (The two books which contain the theories around which the entire trial revolves around).

- ‘Colonel’ Brady (His original rank of Colonel creates a symbolic image of him as a hero, a role he tries to play for the town and one that Drummond never lets him have).

Religious Allusions

- Jonah (Drummond makes a reference to Jonah being swallowed by a “great fish” as depicted in genesis, and asks Brady if he believes it)

DRUMMOND (Leafing through the Bible) “Now take this place where the whale swallows Jonah. Do you figure that actually happened?” (pp. 78)

- Joshua (Drummond makes another reference to genesis, this time to Joshua making the sun stand still, and once again challenging Brady if he believes such a thing.

DRUMMOND (Turning sharply to the clerk) “I want those ‘Amens’ in the record!” (He wheels back to Brady) “I recollect a story about Joshua, making the sun stand still. Now as an expert, you tell me that’s as true as the Jonah business. Right?” (pp. 78)

- Moses (In one of his arguments Drummond challenges Brady by arguing that since Moses never used a telephone, yet the townsfolk have, did the townsfolk in face commit a sin?)

DRUMMOND “Moses never made a phone call. Suppose that makes the telephone an instrument of the Devil?” (pp. 66)

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