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Rip Van Winkle

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1. Rip Van Winkle search for his own identity, flee to the mountain, return back to nature and take Nature as refuge. Sleepy Hollow superstition, Realism vs. Romanticism. These two works draw from German sources. Irving takes the myths of the Europe and creates unique American stories. Also, it appears that strangers are not welcome in these two works. When Rip walks back into the town from the mountains it is not until after he is recognized as Rip Van Winkle that he is accepted by the town people. A similar situation occurs in Sleepy Hollow. Why Ichabod is not accepted into community and why Katrina never plans to marry him are because he is a Yankee, an outsider. In both of the works, we can find there is little description of women and the descriptions of the female characters are not positive. Rip Van Winkle¡¦s wife is depicted as a shrew and Ichabod¡¦s love for Katrina is because she is rich. Moreover, the author uses legends in arranging the plots in both of the stories.

Both of the stories have improbable plots. Clearly, a man sleeping for twenty years in the forest is unreasonable, and so does a headless man riding through the forest on a horse. Gothic elements are peppered throughout Sleepy Hollow, including the reference to the headless horseman as a goblin, the mention of witchcraft and direful omens, and the haunting of ghosts.

The discussions on Rip Van Winkle included the romantic notion of capturing fleeing nature in words, the use of fantasy in the story, the romantic ideals of individualism and identity, and attacking American politics and religion. Moreover, Irving used the American landscape, and added American scenery and events as the backdrop for his popular legends Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow However, Irvings style and choice of subjects greatly influenced those and other writers. For example, his imaginative treatment of historical themes and his use of folklore and other elements of romanticism promoted the romantic literary movement in the United States.

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