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Rock Music

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recd the call letter from Madras Bearings today. They hv offered me the position of Product Manager for the industrial bearings. I would hv loved to be the senior product manager, because I am currently the area sales manager. I can’t figure out if I should accept it. I am used to be a manager of a territory. Rima will not like it. Mom was happy; to her a job is important, not what I am known as. To her I continue to be rahul. When I told her, she planted a kiss on my forehead, for which I had to bend like a bow. Dad didn’t even remove his eyes from the sixth page of Delhi Times, as he asked, “when r u joining?’ I informed Mr. Handa that I would join on the 1st of next month, as desired. He told me that a letter detailing my induction programme would reach me within a week.



hv just reached home. It was a tiring day. So many speeches, meetings, videos, papers. How do I remember so many names? What was Handa � VP or GM � HR ? I remember Simran � she’s the ceo’s secreatry. Hv to tell Rima abt simran rather dispassionately. I know she’ll hv a couple of questions abt her, jus to check me out. My boss is Mr. MSRV Murthy. Everyone calls him MS, barrings the CEO; she calls him murthygaru. I hv to remember the programme they hv fr me. Oh (%#@) forgot the paper. I hv an IQ of 16. I should remember. Let me write it down .

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Day one � Today � I met Mr Handa at ; he was waiting fr me. He’s a na├»ve, well-meaning guy. Most HR guys r. He welcomed me, gave me the Orientation Folder and asked me to go thru the index. It had the Orientation prog, service conditions, my role profile, a lot of junk in the form of Vision Mission, Values and such other assorted (crap), list of top management team & the board members, brief on major product, processes & applications., a list of key customers, brief on the quality system. I forget the order. Anyways that doesn’t matter. Handa took me to the conference hall & showed the video film abt the company. I took a small ‘jhapki’ when he deemed the light & went away fr five minutes. The meeting with the CEO was cool. She is somethin ; both hip & happening. She shared in detail her vision & what’s expected of the ‘young blood’ in the company. She said that she foloowed an open door policy and that I could meet her ‘of course with prior appointment’!!!! I met Mr Naresh Wadia � V.P.(marketing) my bosss boss. Not very inspiring, though he tried his best to impress. I met the V.Ps of Operations, Corporate Comunication, Finance, Corporate Quality, and Brig. Singh � the administrative boss of the place together in the conference room. It was nice. I learnt a lot abt the company. Brig. Singh told me after the meeting abt the dress code, language, etc. etc. Boring it was. They gave me a booklet with the names, desigs, address,phone & email ids of all managers at H/O & all other locations. I signed a set of forms to complete the joining formalities. I’ll get my id card tomorrow, they do it inhouse. I got my new email ids also. I liked seeing “We Welcome You- Rahul” message put up on the board at the reception. I was pleasantly surprised to see the message flashing on all computer screens as screensaver. Handa showed me the email they had sent to all key managers detailing my programme. Mr Ghosh ran through the company’s web site for me & asked me how do I find it. I was polite, when I said, ‘It’s cool’. Ipshita the new HR manager shared the HR policies just afeter lunch. I don’t remember the most of what she said, though I remember her. Incidentally the policies are quite smart & hep. I’ve got a copy of it for keeps.

tomorrow I am going to meet all the senior managers at H/O. They are supposed to welcome me & tell me abt their role & how my role affects theirs. Again a day of ‘trying to remember’. I’ll also meet the Boardmemebrs after the board meeting tomorrow, though it’s not a part of the schedule.

Not everyone is as lucky.

I’ll spend the next three days at the Thane Plant � again a detailed programme of meeting people, classroom session on products & plant visit. I’ll spend quite a while with the production planning, operations & the plant head. Incidenatally he’s Rima’s uncle.

I’m supposed to visit the zonal offices for the following seven days just to meet the sales force & meet customers. That’s the most exciting part. I’ll meet Rima after ten days, and also Mom. Luckily dad will

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