Friday, June 17, 2011

Seperating the Church

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Author Carl E. Braaten addresses the issue of unity among the body of the church. He presents this issue by discussing the Reformation and its continuing separation between the Protestant Church and the Roman Catholic Church. Braaten begins his argument with an analogy of WWII that exposes what he calls “the greatest tragedy of all” (1). This great tragedy is the permanent condition of the Reformers separation from the Roman Church without consideration of reconciliation (1). There are minor and major implications that Braaten emphasizes which contribute to this resulting tragedy of the Reformation. Braaten contends that due to the inadequate justification of the Protestant Church to remain separate, continuing the Reformation is no longer necessary. Braaten argues because the Reformation is not a necessity to continue it is ideal that the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Church reunite to form a mission-based unity.

Braaten discusses the problem of separation in the church that affects the mission of Christ. He brings to the surface the underlying controversies of the Reformation. By exposing these controversies he pin points the origins of the separation between the Roman Catholic and the Protestant Church. As a result he is able to provide a solution to unify the Church under Christ. Unification is the way in which the will of Christ is accomplished on Earth. It provides the church with a strong foundation to present the gospel to the world. Separation among churches weakens this ministry. Braaten argues against the continuing separation between the Roman Catholic and the Protestant Church of today. He provides a stance that the Roman Catholic Churches and the Protestant Churches have undergone reformation within themselves. The main point that he makes against continuing the Reformation is that it was intended to be a protest and it was already heard by the church.

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