Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stone Angel

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Hagar Shipley, a strong opinionated woman, demonstrates many assets as well as faults. Her up front and bold attitude towards everyone is a trait in which I admire. Right from the beginning of the book you realize exactly what kind of a woman she is and how she is very stubborn and set in her ways. Hagar was brought up and taught to know what she wanted in life and not let anyone or anything get in her way, even if that would eventually mean her father. Hagar was also brought up to be very self-aware, and to never forget that she was beautiful. Jason Currie was her father and he sent his only daughter to College just so she could learn how to be even more proper then she already was, how to dress as if she had a million dollars, and how to entertain a crowd. She was a well-spoken woman with dignity and class, until she met and married Bram Shipley. Hagar was always looking for ways to go against what people wanted, it was her way of being rebellious. Marrying Bram Shipley is a perfect example of that because it went against everything Hagar’s father ever taught her. Jason wanted only the best for his daughter, he hoped that she would marry a doctor or a lawyer. Knowing this Hagar married Bram, a man who had no class and worked on a farm that produced nothing. No matter how many times people told Hagar that Bram was not the man to marry she insisted that he was the man for her and that no one could tell her otherwise. Being stubborn at times is a good thing when its used during a debate or somewhere where your opinion should be concrete, but when it comes to advice about your future being open minded is something to consider. Hagar should have listened to her father and the rest of her family instead of being so prideful and stubborn.

After reading the first four chapters of this book I can only sit back and laugh at how similar I find myself to Hagar. She is a bitter, independent ninety year old woman who really does mean well even of it may not come out that way. Her strength, and determination throughout her life is something to be in awe of. Hagar never shed a tear, while her father hit her, nor did she let the fact that no one from her family showed up to her wedding upset her. She held it all in and realized that life must go on. Throughout my life I was raised to be strong as well. My mother always told me never to cry over spilt milk and to this day I try not too. In life there is no room for babies and people who expect you to feel sorry for them and I think that the reason why I respect Hagar so much is because she doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her, she just wants to be in charge of her life and do the things she feels are right. She doesn’t depend on a soul, her pride won’t allow her to do so. Her sense of responsibility was another trait that I admired as a child she would go to her dads store and watch him and how the business was run. Every day after school she would join him as well. When she became an adult and married Bram her life changed and she realized that she no longer would have the luxury of having household help cleaning up after her and that it had become her job. Hagar had never had to lift a finger in her house while she was growing up, but she knew it had to be done so she took charge and ran the whole house all by herself. Hopefully I live to see the age of ninety and when I do I wouldn’t mind being the type of woman that Hagar is. She has the type of personality that I admire in a person for the most part, and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book to learn more about her as a person.

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