Thursday, June 16, 2011

War On Terror

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If there’s one thing history has taught the rest of the world, it’s that the United States of America has the most powerful and dedicated army in the world, capable of defeating any foe it flexes its muscle against. With the help from everyday citizens like you and me, the American military machine can and will make the war on terror a total success.

In this world of high tech surveillance, satellites, and smart bombs terrorists have nowhere to hide. The many country’s that do hide and harbor terrorists will see thousands of American Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps soldiers right on their front door steps. At our front door step we stand ready with crack teams of FBI and CIA anti terror units as well as other federal agencies waiting to rollup terrorist cells inside the United States. At our boarders the National Guard, Air National Guard, and Coast Guard are ready to repel any attack.

I know everybody’s worried about casualties. And they should be, as they should also remember that this isn’t World War Two, Korea, or Vietnam. This is the twenty first century where war is waged at thirty thousand feet from an F-16 or a B-5 Stratofortress with smart bombs and cruise missiles. Our military has now advanced to the point where we don’t even need pilots to fly our aircraft and we can shoot cruise missiles from over one thousand miles away. Thus saving and preserving the lives of our fighting men and women. The people we do have on the ground are Special Forces. These crack soldier are the cream of the crop of our military might, used to fighting in the trenches and shadows. But like any war there will be lives lost. It’s just a fact of war and a risk we take to defend freedom and preserve our way of life, as we know it. In Afghanistan the most significant part of the operation is that it entailed the fewest war combatant injuries and the least collateral damage of any major military operation in history to date. This was all achieved in the span of two months at the least, making it one of the quickest operations at that.

Not only is the U.S. preserving life and liberty at home, we are doing it abroad also. When we rooted out terrorism in Afghanistan and unthroned the Taliban warlords we also sent food, medicine and protection to the Afghan people already in poverty under Taliban rule. The Afghan people for the first time in their life had the chance to setup their own government so they can share the freedom we enjoy everyday.

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As dedicated U.S. citizens we have to have faith in President Bush. We put him in office for a reason, which is to make these tough decisions, and support the best interests of our nation. What are our best interests? To preserve our way of life and liberty.

Our fight won’t be easy in any respect. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and determination by our military as well as by the citizens of the United States of America. Only the future can really tell what’s going to be the outcome of the war on terrorism and with our faith in “Life and Liberty for All” we can achieve the best possible outcome.

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