Friday, June 17, 2011

We Were Soldiers movie review

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We Were Soldiers

This is a movie based on real events that took place in November of 165 at the

gruesome beginning of the Vietnam war. The French army had already been dominated

in gorilla battle, this shows the first American platoon entering the unstable zone. The

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movie does a good job of portraying Americas part in the war with Vietnam while also

reminding us of the soldiers wives and families at home.

The movie follows a respected Colonel and his platoon of soldiers as they touch

down on enemy soil in helicopters and attempt to establish a base of operations. The

Colonel played by Mel Gibson was experienced in battle, he fought in Korea, and was

hand chosen to lead the first assault. The movie is unrealistic in that it portrays Mel

Gibson as an almost untouchable soldier, straying away from the more political aspects of

the story.

The main theme of the movie seems to be showing how unprepared our military

was for the Vietnam terrain and forces. It also has an additional focus on the family

aspect of things and how hard it was for the families who lost their husbands, fathers and

brothers to the war effort.

The battle scenes of this movie are especially graphic, and last throughout the

movie taking up most of the script. It portrays how terrifying and desperate it would be

to be alienated from the rest of your division as one platoon becomes shortly after

entering enemy lines.

One interesting aspect of the movie is the addition of a journalist to the fighting.

The characters father and grandfather we’re both in previous wars, and he decided to

serve his country as a photographer of the war apposed to a soldier. He does not like the

battles and is timid with the fire arms, at one point he throws down his gun and picks up

his stray camera, signifying his will to report the disaster not contribute to it.

Overall the movie is interesting from a political and military standpoint but has to

much focus on one main character and not enough depth in the other characters to make

you care. For a war movie that’s relatively long, one would suspect more time to be

spent developing the personality of the members of the platoon to increase feeling in the

movie, but that’s not the case in this flick. Just like Braveheart and The Patriot Mel

Gibson proves once again that he is the universal soldier of all ages.

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