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work of life

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The location is same as last chapters there isn’t any change in it because they are still in the England and in some villages or rural places. I also have some evidence which proves that it took place in the rural area.

The location or setting of this novel is in England. But it doesn’t mentioned any particular place; for example, any village, city, town. But after reading the novel we can say that it took place in some village of England because the whole story is in the farms and fields, so therefore we can judge that it’s in some rural area. The places in England that are mostly full of farms and fields are some of the places like Sussex, Yorkshire, etc. according to the atmosphere of the novel we can tell that it’s somewhere near these places. “No animal in England is free. The life of an animal is misery and slavery that is the plain truth” said Major. (Pp-)

It took place in the years “Between” 145�150 because first of all the book was printed during this era. As well, by looking at way of living of Mr. Jones, and according to the tone of the story it can be judged that it’s somewhere in older times. It mentioned about Mr. Jones’s way of dressing, and the way he was taking care of animals, or the way they were working; for example, they used to cut the grasses or fields with their hands and use of tools without using any machines. They were heating the fields and houses with fire instead of any heater or gas, etc. It also mentioned by the Major in the very beginning that Jones is using them to make his work easier he is using them to pull rocks, pick up heavy equipments, etc. “you, Boxer, the very day that those great muscles of yours lose their powers, Jones will sell you to the knackers, who will cut your throats and boil you down for the foxhounds” said Major during his speech (Pp-5). Now this statement shows that Jones uses these animals to work on them instead of machines, which shows that they are in the villages of the England, because in the cites they used to have machines even at that times too.

The both, place and duration of the period in the novel perfectly suits each other because even in those times some of the developed cities were able to complete some of their tasks with the help of machines, but it was not too much common like after it became common in seventies. As well, after reading the novel and judging the setting that it’s somewhere in the villages of England the reader will naturally think of old days because these days not many people are interested in stories that are attached to rural life and that consists slavery or shows that revolutionaries raising their voices against their masters to achieve justice. Finally, these types of stories takes place usually in rural places where government or police or any special task forces does not play any major role. Only the people who are wealthy and has excessive amount of land with animals and humans working on it, are the leaders of the area. This type of stories also does not exist on the lips of people anymore. So, therefore when someone would read the book, it must make sense to the reader that story similar to “Animal farm” must be in rural places and in older times because- as I mentioned- these stories takes place in rural places and leaders are wealthy people, similarly these kind of tradition were exist in older times. Now it’s not extremism in the rural places too.

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