Monday, June 20, 2011

worries on war and terrisom

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Im worried about the war and terrorism . I have a fear of dying but a greater fear of not having control of a life or deathe situation. What happened on September 11th scared me horribly. What scared me the most werer the terrorist that hijacked those palnes . Knowing that there are heartless people in the world is terrifying.

War is another great fear on mine . My father was in the vietnam War he served from 167-176 nine years he has two purple hearts. my father and his whole platoon were all thrown over 0 feet from a bomb that had gone off. most of them died they thought my father was also dead so they put him in a body bag, when they took him to the nurse the last doctor to look at my dad put a light to his pupils noticed that they were still dialiating. They then hurried and resusciated him, the next day he was out in battle again .

The hardest thing about war is not the war it self its living with you self after the war is over. My father suffers form PTSd Post tramitic stress disorder thats what they diagnosed it to be since so many were suffering from it.I found out that after the Vietnam war sucicide went up tremendously. many did not know how to erase what went on because ; it was still in their minds/ souls . Its now over twenty years since the war and my father still suffers in many ways from the after math of the war it never ends . His doctor told my dad Your 55 years old but your body is 75 years old.He has scrap metal in about 75% of his body . We cannot go straight through a metal detector at any airport , it usually takes us 0 to 40 minutes. War follows you even when its over.

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