Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yao Ming

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President Bush announced a plan that will absolutely wipe out all danger so that no other innocent Americans would be in danger and die. I agree with this plan completely. As long as there is a plan to insure the United States safety, I am fine with it. The major threat to the United States for numerous years was Saddam Hussein. There is no plan out that will satisfy everyone. I do believe this is the right thing to do, because this will elimate a large portion of danger for the United States. Although there will be some casualties from both sides, it will be well worth it at the end. .

The foreign policy against terrorism has been the same since the early seventies. However, the United States changed forever on September 11th. The only way to prevent this from ever happening again is to eliminate all treats and individuals to the United States. In my opinion this is the only just way to go about things through war. It is kind of terrible to say this, but the only way is to sacrifice some U.S. troops against terror in other countries. We have to eliminate them now, or who knows what can happen in the future.

Also, September 11th was good and very bad for our country. The bad was obviously all of the innocent victims and mass destruction of the world trade center. It showed how vulnerable the United States could be. It showed how our security on airports was very unsecure. Allowing these terrorists to just walk right past them onto a plan and highjack it. The good was it opened our eyes to eliminate this from happening again. Although airport security is a major pain now, it is for the best. It is better to take the time to make sure everything is safe, then to be sorry later on.

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