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"Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men Essay Topics


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Choose one of the following essay topic prompts and write a five (5) to eight (8) paragraph critical essay.

Use a good hook, a strong thesis, and at least supporting examples.

Include cited material and internal documentation and a works cited page.

Please type the fmal draft. I would like you to turn in your rough copies, too.

Write about the title or the message of the novel. Find the original work from which the title comes. Write about why Steinbeck chose this title and why you think this is a good title.

. Cite several instances in which Lennie is compared to animals. Give the quote, chapter, and situation. Speculate why these comparisons are drawn.

. Discuss the scenes of nature used in the novel. Point up to the meaning of nature in relation to the actions of the plot.



Write about the relationship that George and Lennie have. Explain the why, how, and the ultimate outcome of the two mens being together.

Select several symbols in the novel and discuss their meaning and usage.

6. Select a minor character to discuss in the novel.

Tell about his/her behavior, personality, and use


Write a parallel essay discussing one of these issues from the story

a. People without people have nothing.

b. There are people in all societies who are considered less than others.

c. People will readily treat others unjustly because of ego or power in human beings. d. People need to belong.

8. Discuss the comparisons and contrasts ofGeorge and Lennie.


Identify everything in Chapter 6 that is also in Chapter I

10. Find all instances of things existing in pairs or twos. What is the significance of this twoness?

1. Discuss the main characters and what they really want in life. Also write about what they get.

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