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Hi, I went on a Saturday after working midnight shift to have triple piercings done. I went to someon new because of his manner and also surprisingly he offered me a great deal since he was doing three at once. As it turns out I didnt have a very good experience. The pain wasnt so bad for either my tongue, my septum or my nostril initially. Afterwards my tongue did hurt a lot when I tried to talk or swallow. My swelling was minimal and I couldnt figure out what the trouble was. Well, after taking a good close look at my tongue I could see that it was off center, crooked and very near the front on the bottom. Hmph. I went back to my piercer to ask him and he apologized and said it was his fault for using the wrong forceps. He said he would repierce me again when I heal. So he took it out. Now its a day later and I have bruising on the front quarter of the right side of my tongue. That is where the barbell was on the bottom. The day before I went so he could have a good look at my tongue. Since Im a translator at work, (spanish/english) I told him it was important that it not be in front of the major bend. He also looked underneath and said it would be great because my two large veins were very obvious. Yet, unfortuneatly he came oh so scarily close to one of those veins. His manner was very nice his personality was very good but, either his skill was off that day or he wasnt paying enough attention but, the tongue ended up being a bust. The good thing is that I found out that it isnt nearly as painful for the peircing as I thought. Another good thing I found out is that if the clamp isnt too tight it seems that your swelling wont be so bad but, if the clamps are too loose your tongue could move like mine did and when my piercer turned to pick up the needle he didnt know that my tongue had moved so much. Its just luck that things didnt go worse than they did. He was a nice piercer and I dont want to take back the tip, he was trying his best but, I am going to go and talk to him tomorrow to see about getting a refund for the piercing cost. My suggestion is to pre agree on placement with a dot on your tongue above and below before the piercer picks up the needle. I have to wait four more weeks before I can have my tongue done again. This also goes for the nostril and the septum that I had done the same day by this piercer. I thought the septum was level and was happy but, knew that it was on an agle off my face, (kinda like a car off its fram heading to the right while the rest is moving straight ahead.) When I found out that I couldnt just train this twelve gague to go straight I had that removed also. Good luck, know your piercers skill and reputation as well as their personality. This piercer was very nice and believed in universal precaution. He wasnt just a hole poker or anything but, his skill needs some time to hone itself. More later after the next try. Im going to post in the nostril also because that was the third unlucky attempt that I had. Jennifer


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