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Roman ships were built out of cedar, a durable, red-coloured wood

Roman ships were heavy and could not be blown off course easily, should the ship be presented with unfavourable weather

Roman ships were also designed to make use of soldiers, but could also ram enemy ships, like the expert seafarers of the Greek navy.

were propelled by oars

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The Roman approach to ship movement was just give me a ship good enough to do the job. (Parts of a Roman Warship, Internet source) The Romans had many banks of oars, each oar propelled by five men, most likely slaves, …encouraged no doubt by the whip.(John noticed a familiar figure walking up the road. When

he realized who it washe was sure it was all a dream. It was Max. When John had

freed the prisoners and noticed that Max wasnt there he was sure that hed been

killed. What he didnt know was that Max had been captured but had escaped a few

nights before the rescue. They talked for hours and decided then that Max was to

come and live on the farm with John and that they would work on it together.

Though they were never rich they made good money and when they married they

built another house on the farm so that their children could grow up to be best


This eliminated the cost of training and paying oarsmen, and made the efforts of one man much less important. Unfortunately, … the bigger the ship was, the greater the effort needed to move it.

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