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Cherry Orchard

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The values of a play’s characters and the society in which they live may be revealed through scenes of social occasions. Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” includes one such scene- the party of Liuboff Andreievna Ravensky. This event brings together several characters in the play and offers an opportunity for the reader to asses their values. The scene contributes to the meaning of the work as a whole in that it reveals important characterization.

One character whose values become evident in the party scene is Liuboff, the hostess. The reader is informed about Liuboff’s character through its contrast with another- Peter Trofimoff, with whom she has a disagreement. The two differ with regard to the value of love, as well as that of the past. For example, while Liuboff embraces love and all that it entails, Trofimoff believes that he is above it

As if I’d ever given her grounds

to believe I’d stoop to such

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vulgarity! We are above love.

Furthermore, Trofimoff has difficulty comprehending Liuboff’s disability to let go of the past. Again, the two characters conflict in their values and it allows for insight into Liuboff’s mind

What truth? You see where truth is,

and where falsehood is, but I seem

to have lost my sight and see nothing.

Liuboff is attached to her memories and not ready to give that up. She has difficulty facing reality, and is comforted by the falseness that may surround her.

Firce is another character who reveals a significant value during the party in Act III. His feelings regarding social hierarchy become evident when Firce says

At hour balls some time ago,

generals and barons and admirals

used to dance, and now we send

for post office clerks and the

stationmaster, and even they

come reluctantly. I’m very weak.

Here, Firce is saddened by the evolution of the social order over time. the party, which was once an exclusively upper-class event is now even inadequate for the lower class. This is symbolic of the fall of the aristocracy of Russian society in the play.

Based on what was said by important characters in Act III of the “The Cherry Orchard,” readers are able to appreciate the contribution to the entire play. Through Firce’s character, the collapse of the Russian elite is focused upon. This feeds in perfectly with the play in terms of its symbolism, which is also portrayed through the selling of the Cherry Orchard to a former slave. The social order has completely changed and not without greatly influencing the lives of the characters.

Liuboff’s attachment to the past and her memories further supports the play’s conflict by showing how she is being affected by the fall of the elite class. Her inability to face her fate relates to Firce’s acknowledgement of the same situation. The irony in such events contribute to the overall depiction of the antagonist in “The Cherry Orchard”-- not a person, but rather the gloom consuming the lives of the individuals in the play.

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