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Leisure time is the time when people do not have to work at their jobs, study for school,take care of personal needs. it is the time people enjpy their hobies and do activities to have fun and a good time. Many people today have less and less leisure time for they are overworked. Leisure time has been lost to work and business. Because of differences in their economy in how they spend leisure time. Vietnam and the US have different economies and culture, people in each country have differences in their leisure time as a result. The people in each country have similarities as well in how they spend it and when thay spend it.

People in he two country hava many things in common in how they spend their leisure time. Just like Vietnamsese, American people enjoy gardening. In cities and suburban, they usuallly grow flowers or vegetables for fun and for enjoyment. As well as pleasure, people in the country side also grow flowers or vegetable for business. Many American and Vietnamese people like to go fishing during thei leisure time, especially on weekends, and they also keep pet fish as a hobby. Some people go to moivies or theaters to have good time and to enjoy art. Vietnamese people like picnics, just as American people do. They usually have picnics on weekends with friends and family s member. many Vietnamese and American people like o stay at home watching TV, or movies or reading.

One differrent between people in the US and Vietnam is the amount of leisure time they have. American people have their leisure time usually in the evening and on weekends which last from Friday evening to Sunday evening, whilr Vietnamese workers have leisure time on weekends that starts from Saturday evening to Sunday evening. Seniors citizens usually have the most free time, but the amount of leisure time that Vietnamese senniors have is different from American seniors. The majority of Vietnamese seniors today still live with their children and take care of grand children and housework while their children working outside. THey have leisre time while thei children and grandchildren are at work or at school. In contrast, American seniors today usually live separate from their children, and they have much more leisure time.

Other differences in leisure time can be clearly seen. Bonsai is oe of the favourite art of many Vietnamese people; however, bonsai is not vary popular in America. Both American and Vietnamese play sports for leisure, but they play different kinds of sports. People in the US love basket ball, base ball, football, softball, skiing, or biking, whreas soccer, volleyball and ping-pong are vary popular in Vietnam. Vietnamese people only go fishing in fresh water, salt water or even go deep sea fishing. Unlike people in Vietnam, American people often join clubs called socail clubs. They join together to dance, play cards, etc. Socail lubs are very important in American society. In vietnam, however, people have evening clubs that they join to learn skill such as flower arranging, painting or music.

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Vietnam and the U.S have developed very economies, societies and cultures. Those influence not only on peoples working time but also leisure time. Even though Vietnamese and American people have some similarities in their leaisure time, thre are differences in the amount of leisure time they havee and in how they spend it. One thing both countries have in common is that people have less and less lerisure time.

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