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As I open the Sunday newspaper to the help wanted ads, I notice several listings. I only want a part-time job; I want to be able to stay home with the children. I feel pretty confident because I posses all the skills needed. I call the number and schedule an appointment for the interview.

It has been a couple of years since I have been in the work place, I’ll need to polish up my resume. I’ll fill in the time period gap with the position “Home Domesticator”. That sounds professional for taking care of the home. I’ll need to be sure to use the engineering firm that I worked at previously as a reference.

I tell my family about the possibility of going back to work part-time. My spouse and children are children are supportive. Everyone knows, including my spouse, that everyone will have to do extra household chores.

It’s the day of the interview, I am excited and nervous. I carefully pick out a professional looking suit, and then I make sure my hair looks all in place. I smooth over some parts of my hair to cover the slightly balding spot. I give myself a confidence boosting smile. I get the kids dressed and get there breakfast ready. The youngest one who just turned two will go to grandpa’s house. The oldest boy will go over to a fellow home schooled friend’s house.

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At grandpa’s house, dad tells me that he is proud of me for getting back to work. I tell him the name of the engineering company that I am going to interview for. He beams with pleasure. I don’t go into any other details because I want to get to the interview a few minutes early.

As I approach the front desk, I feel my hands getting a little moist. Be confident and smile, I tell myself. “May I help you?” , asks the young receptionist. Yes, I tell her, I then proceed to give her my name. She smiles brightly, and states, “Oh yes, Mr. Jones is expecting you on the top executive floor.” I was surprised that I would be going to a higher floor because seated in the waiting room were many nervous looking young females. The receptionist looked at me closely and proceeded to speak in an almost shouting voice. “Go around the corner on the left, this side is the left. There should be some elevators. You need to go to the top floor. That’s the highest number button.”

I thanked her as I was thinking to myself that she was a little too thorough on her directions. I go around the corner, making sure that I stayed on the side that the receptionist had pointed out. I arrive on the top floor and see another receptionist. She looks up at me with a twinkle in her blue eyes. She then asked me how she could be of assistance. I tell her that I have an appointment with Mr. Jones. The look on her face tells me that she is quizzical about why I was there. “Mr. Jones will be with you shortly” she says in a loud voice.

My name is called and then I walk into an office with a view of the downtown. I happened to notice a young professional black girl walks out. Mr. Jones does a quick glance and then motions me to sit. He chuckles at something amusing. He says to me “Imagine what would happen if someone came off the street, and that girl was the first person they saw. I might as well kiss their business goodbye. Women, especially colored ones, ought to be at home with their children. If they insist on working than the least they can do is look pretty.” I was starting to feel a righteous indignation at these prejudices coming out of his mouth. He obviously felt that I shared his same views.

Mr. Jones took a look at my resume. He asked me what I meant by “improving my domesticating skills”. I told him about my daughter being born, and how my wife and I thought that I should stay home with the children. He had an astonished look upon his face. He abruptly pulled himself together and looked at me with some scrutiny.” You mean to tell me that you stay at home, like a woman does?” “No sir, I stay home like a man”. I then tell him that my wife is a successful architect and I wanted her to pursue her career. “Sissy” he mutters under his breath.

Mr. Jones then proceeds to tell me why I may not work for him as a receptionist. “I believe that you are over qualified for such an entry level position.” However he states that he does not want to be seen as a bigot. “I feel sorry for you because you obviously have a learning disability. I can tell by the way you speak. That’s probably why you want to stay home instead of supporting your family like a man.”

“No sir, I stay at home because I choose to. I thought my wife was exaggerating about the ugliness that comes out of a person’s mouth. I see first hand the prejudice I have to encounter simply because I am a male with a speech handicap. I guess it’s hard for you to understand, why a male would want to work the same position that is predominately filled by women. I’ll tell you why; gender, handicap or type of occupation should not be considered. The best qualified person should fill that position. I have made the decision, I am too worthy to work for you. Good day sir.”

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