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To kill a Mockingbird

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Atticus Finch and the Truth

To some, truth is merely the absence of lies. However, to Atticus Finch, a main character in To Kill a Mockingbird, it means much more. This is understood because of the many examples of truth that are told in the novel. As the story progresses it becomes obvious that truth is very important to him. To Atticus, truth is confronting the whole story, a precious jewel worth defending, and an often-elusive goal worth pursuing.

Atticus always tells the whole truth and nothing less. Tom Robinson, a black man, is accused of raping a white woman. Scout asks Atticus what rape is. Instead of hastily changing the subject he unflinchingly explains that rape is ¡°carnal knowledge of a female by force and without consent¡± (15). Atticus believes that one must face the demons of society along with its angels. He explains to Jem and Scout what many would assume unfit for young ears. As Jem and Scout grow older they are gradually exposed to more of society¡¯s flaws. Unlike most parents Atticus helps his children come to terms with these societal blemishes rather than shielding them from everything.

Atticus is a very honest person who believes in defending the truth. He is appointed to defend Tom Robinson in court against Mayella Ewell. Many people are upset with Atticus because he ¡°aims to defend him¡± (16). This shows that he does what he knows is right despite of what others think. A majority of the citizens of Maycomb County believe that Tom is guilty simply for he is a black man. Atticus works his hardest to alter that belief. He shows everyone how Tom could not have been the person that beat and raped Mayella. Nonetheless, the jury is steadfast in their biased verdict and pronounces Tom guilty and Atticus loses his battle for truth.

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Atticus searches for the truth and tries his best to find it. A man attacks Jem and Scout at night with a kitchen knife. A struggle occurs and another mysterious man joins the fray and help Scout and Jem. Later it is discovered that the attacker, Bob Ewell, was run through the stomach by his own knife. Despite the sheriff¡¯s arguments Atticus refuses to believe that Bob¡¯s death was an accident. He thought that Jem had done it to protect Scout. Atticus tells Sheriff Tate ¡°nobody¡¯s hushing this up. I don¡¯t live that way¡± (7). This shows that Atticus will search for the truth even when it is against his own children. If there is truth to be found, Atticus will always hunt it up.

In conclusion, Atticus believes that the truth, however harsh it may be, must always be confronted. He never hides things from his children. He knows what is right and never hesitates to fight for it. He will always defend the truth. Atticus always searches for what he believes in. He will always search for the truth. To a man like Atticus, there is nothing more important than the truth.

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Mockingbird Essay

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