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I agree with the concept that most people when thinking about art, refer to it as a framed painting. I feel that everyone is an artist and has some sort of inner artistic ability within them. I think it’s sad when people just think of art only as people like Picasso, or Ansel Adams. The truth is there are some many forms of art, and everyone has it in them to create it.

To meet he actual scientific process of photography is such an amazing one. To actually look at anything you wish and are able to capture it, baffle me. Anyone can draw what they see in their own perception, but to capture it perfectly is awesome.

Since the birth of photography we have become so far advanced with gadgets and unexpected new idea’s blooming every minute. Because of the many founds of photography, today we can capture almost any moment imaginable, in for all the moments.

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People like Joseph Neipce made a permanent picture of a cityscape by exposing a metal plate with alight sensitive coating. Because the picture was a cityscape, was only based on the fact that it took eight hours for the picture to expose, therefore people were hard to capture unless they sat around for eight hours in the same position. And they would be very hard to do and would take a very patient person. Perhaps they could have thought to capture a person sleeping, since we need our eight hours of beauty sleep a night. This process that Niepce used was called heliography, and considering the length of time it was a good try, despite the blurriness of the picture. I mean, someone has to start somewhere, right?

Daguerre, Niepce’s later partner, continued to work on new idea’s after Niepce death. He soon discovered that there were no negatives to create multiple photos, so after his idea became public, people everywhere started taking images. I know I sure would, because back then, what an amazing thing to not only capture an image, a family member, new babies, etc., but to also make copies of this picture to show off or hang up around the house is amazing. It’s not everyday you get to do that in those days.

That’s when Henry Talbot made a calotype, a negative picture on paper. So obviously he overcame Daguerre’s method, or actually he made it come to life. With each inventors idea’s comes a new one, always with a different approach since everyone is little different. Now it’s possible, even if you lose or damage a photo, to always be able to re-capture it with a negative. I know I love negatives, because I somehow always manage to scratch my older photos, but since I’m a packrat, I always keep the negative. Now our negatives are much more advanced today, but because of the various people back then, we are able to do so.

Overall, I learned much about the men who founded photography. It has inspired thousands of people to take images of all kinds of things, and even some became famous. People like Ansel Adams, who can capture the innocence of nature at its best, or somehow make an ordinary object seem much more beautiful. It seems cameras are such an ordinary thing today that we take it for granted. Maybe we should start thanking these brilliant men who once wanted to capture a moment in time, and made it possible with the materials available to us, and some genius thinking.

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