Saturday, October 22, 2011

Animal Testing

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Do you thinks products should be tested on animals? Well, personally we think that products should be tested on animals. Reason being is because cosmetics can kill humans if the product is not tested on animals. Secondly, animal produce more babies than humans do, and finally, untested drugs can cause a huge effect on human lives.

We think that we should test on animals because if we don’t then some of the cosmetics and drugs that us humans make would most likely kill us, because we wouldn’t know how these things would affect our bodies. So its better to test on animal than having human died everyday from new products. Human are in higher rate than animals. That’s why some people really don’t care about animals as much as they do about themselves.

It should be acceptable to use animals for testing, because the test results enable humans to live longer lives. By using animal of mass productions instead of humans, we can both keep down over production of these animal and human lives at the same time. Also, humans give birth to a baby only once every nine to ten month period, unlike many animals that can have several babies in a shorter period of time. The normal lifespan of the test animals is not that long to begin with.

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Most people think that animal testing is more important for us to live on with our lives. If we didn’t test all the major products that we used, such as dietary supplements, then we have a greater risk. If companies didn’t test their products and they just put them on sale in major stores, they might cause a deadly threat to all people that used it. For Example, Fin-Fan, can be proven safe, but after ten years, they found that people who used it got cancer. So we should test our products thoroughly.

We should conclude this essay by thanking those who took their valuable time reading it. Three things I want to tell you before this essay ends are that you should test products before using it. Before you used the product, read the label carefully. If you don’t then your beautiful facial might ruin or your hair can turned bald. Remember that animals reproduce faster than humans. After all, some people wouldn’t risk their lives to create a new product.

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