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the ballad of the sad cafe

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“Some texts take us to different times and places. However these texts often touch on issues that are significant for all humanity.”

Examine this statement by referring to one or two texts which are set in another time or place.

While ‘The Ballad of the Sad Caf�’ may have not been written in Australia during the year 00. And while we have no idea of the exact location even country or time where this tale of unrequited love took place, it is clear to see that the very same issues we face before us in this new millenium, were also apparent in the time of Miss Amelia and her amazing caf�. Love being the main, along with betrayal and a sense of belonging are three such issues that when combined create the story which is indeed a ballad of a sad caf�.

When it comes to ‘The ballad of the Sad caf�’ love is definitely the main issue. It is what the entire story is based around. If it wasn’t for love the caf� would have never come into existence and if it wasn’t for love the caf� would have never ended in the awful way it did either. For it was the love that Miss Amelia had for Cousin Lymon that brought the caf� alive. She would have done anything for him it seemed, and if he wanted to be the centre of attention in a caf� full to the brim with lively townsfolk then so be it. The love Miss Amelia held for cousin Lymon was a special love, it was a love that had never been thought possible in the normally cold heart that belonged to Miss Amelia, and therefore because of the fact that it existed brought great amazement to the town. It wasn’t the sort of love that you would normally associate with two sweethearts, because for all we know the two of them could have been over twenty years of age apart, but it was the sort of love that involved understanding and tolerance. The type that you might find between a mother and her child.

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Another area of ‘The Ballad of the sad Caf�’ where love is involved is with the introduction of Marvin Macy. Marvin Macy loved Miss Amelia very much. So much that he changed everything about him just so that he could be with her. If it isn’t love when a person is willing to transform their entire being then what is?

It could also be said that Cousin Lymon loved Marvin Macy in a way, and if not love then he must have been extremely intrigued by him to have caused him to win the fight over Miss Amelia after all the compassion she had shown to him.

These are the three types of love that are portrayed in ‘The Ballad of the Sad Caf�’. The love of a parent, the love of a sweetheart and the love of a sibling or friend. Each of these forms of ‘love’ are shown very strongly in this novel, and much can be learnt from the way each of the character show their feeling of love.

Ever since the beginning of time love has been in existence. And while it might not always be a romantic form of love, this feeling everybody holds within them will never die and will stay with us till the end of time.

Betrayal, it happens all the time, and while most of us would not like to admit it, we have each been the betrayer or the betrayed during atleast some point in our life. It might not have been anything too big that we were forced to turn our back on or go against a friend for, but it is something that can break apart many relationships, and while at the time it may seem like the right thing to do, it doesn’t always turn out that way in the end.

It was tragic the way Miss Amelia was betrayed by her one true love Cousin Lymon. He brought, love, youth and life into her household, completely changed the person she was for the better, and basically rearranged a whole town to make her the centre of popularity. And for this voluntary deed of kindness and generosity, all she ever gave him was everything he ever wanted. How did he repay her? He stabbed her right in the back. From the eyes of most onlookers it would look like a perfectly even relationship where each person brought joy to the other in ways that nobody else ever could. But for Cousin Lymon this wasn’t enough, he threw Miss Amelia’s love right back in her face like it didn’t mean a thing, and in turn took sides with her mortal enemy Marvin Macy.

This was not the only act of betrayal that occurred in ‘The Ballad of the Sad Caf�’ though. Meanwhile Miss Amelia may have got what she deserved as a past of betrayal brought back bad consequences in the years that came. A man, who would have given her the stars if it were possible, once loved her. She was the light of his life and while she existed not a single other thought consumed his mind apart from her being. He changed everything he was so that he would be accepted by her, and eventually he was. But in the following ten days, she ripped his heart from his chest, and left him an unruly man. Miss Amelia abused the love Marvin Macy held for her, and when he thought he had the woman of his dreams, she quickly turned his life into a nightmare and betrayed him by stealing everything he owned.

Everybody wants to feel as though they belong. We would all like a place of refuge where we can go, knowing that we can act ourselves without be judged or laughed upon by the people who surround us. The Caf� was a place where this was possible. Even though they had had their disagreements in the past, the town’s people all silently and without realising agreed upon at the opening of the caf� that it was a place for everyone to feel welcome. Who ever you were and whatever your part in the town was, you could feel free to wine and dine at this superb location of social interaction. Miss Amelia may have been boarded up inside her home in the past, and cousin Lymon may have been the new fella in town, but their presence there created this caf�, this ‘community of friends’, and while they were outsiders in the past, they were equals when they entered the front door.

This caf� of Miss Amelia’s may just be the downstairs area of a small mansion in a small town, but really after viewing closely what happens within, it is realised that it is infact the focal point of the entire country area that surrounds it, and a place of belonging for eveyone.

Everyday people are faced with issues of love, betrayal, and belonging, and it has been that way ever since the beginning of the human race. ‘The Ballad of the Sad Caf� is a faultless example of how Miss Amelia, Cousin Lymon and Marvin Macy lived in a different time and place to where we do now but still were troubled by issues that all of humanity face today.

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